remove the black bar from the Samsung keyboard

Back in the days when Android used navigation buttons, there was a large black bar at the bottom of each screen that housed the recent back, home, and app buttons, but after switching to full-screen navigation gestures in 2019, it didn’t more was needed – however, a black bar still shows up when using Samsung’s keyboard.

This bar is especially noticeable on Samsung phones, but thankfully, One UI has a setting for almost everything – including the ability to get rid of this annoying black bar. Let’s find out how to do this procedure, which will allow us to improve

1. Disable “Show button to hide keyboard”

The steps to follow are:

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  • Open the settings and go to the Screen menu.
  • Look for the item “Navigation Bar” and enter the submenu.
  • At this point deselect the check-in item ” Show button to hide the keyboard “.

Congratulations! You’ve already gotten rid of 90% of that annoying black bar. But if you’re still bothered by the bar strip that appears where the navigation gestures start, you have this option.

The first possibility is to remove the tick on the “ Gesture hint “ setting. In this way, even the small light bar that indicates where to position yourself to use the various gestures should disappear.

If you want, there are also some applications that can be downloaded from the Play Store to make the use of gestures more appealing, but using a Samsung regularly (S21 Ultra to be precise) I would advise against them because they will only “weigh down” the interface. giving very little added value. At this point, you just have to browse the settings and delete the ticks that bother you.

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