How To Fix Moisture Detected on Samsung?

How To Fix Moisture Detected on Samsung?

How To Fix Moisture Detected on Samsung?

When trying to install the Samsung smartphone on charging, they found the notification “Moisture was detected on the port of the charger”, and also a drop is burning? What to do in such a situation?

Where did the “Moisture Detected” come from?

Even if you accidentally or deliberately did not drown your phone from Samsung, this does not mean that you cannot receive the message “moisture detected”.

The reason for this may be a long stay of the phone in a room with high humidity, such as a bathtub. Perhaps you could also get caught in the rain, or you could run and sweat a lot. But more often than not, this is a phone software error.

What to do? Ways to solve moisture in Samsung

Below we presented 5 simple solutions that should solve the problem with the notification “Moisture detected”.

  1. Let’s start with the simplest way; reboot the phone.
  2. Put Samsung on charge and reboot the device. Wait for the phone to boot, if the error persists, try another option.
  3. If the first and second methods did not work, then go to “Settings” – “Applications” – “Show system applications” and select “USB Settings”. In the “Memory” section, click on the “Clear data” button.
  4. Try to gently wipe the phone’s USB port with a cotton swab or a toothpick, and dry it with warm air from a hairdryer, 35-40 degrees, on low revs for 30 minutes.
  5. Dry the USB cable connector
  6. Take another charger.
  7. Try using temporary wireless charging

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