nable Live Captioning on Samsung

Samsung smartphones have a large number of customization options within the field of sound or volume. Thanks to tools like Good Lock and modules like Sound Assistant, we can customize the sound throughout the day, control the volume of each application individually, among other options. Branded phones running One UI 3 or higher version can use Live Caption, subtitles are automatically generated by Google. The option of live subtitles is already available on Samsung devices, but it must be activated first. The procedure for doing this is quite simple. On your Samsung smartphone.

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Activate the live Live Caption

Live Caption is a function that Google introduced some time ago on Android, thanks to which subtitles can be automatically generated in videos or a podcast, for example. In the videos we have in the gallery where people speak or sing, these subtitles can be generated, making them more accessible for any type of Android user.

Samsung smartphones already have this function in models that use One UI 3 or higher as a personalization layer. If this is your case, the way to activate these subtitles is very simple, just follow these steps on your mobile phone:

  1. Start playing the content in question on your mobile phone (video or podcast).
  2. Press the volume up or down button.
  3. Click on the arrows icon.
  4. Wait until the menu/volume panel is displayed.
  5. Click on the icon in the upper left corner, which is shaped like a square with a few lines inside.

Subtitles start to be generated automatically. If you want to stop them, slide out the notification panel and click the disable option. If you also use apps like YouTube in its premium version, those subtitles will remain on the screen even when the user has the videos in PiP mode. You can use the screen to display them, usually in the middle, but if you want to place them elsewhere, just drag them across the screen until they are in the desired location. They won’t obscure the information on your screen or make it easier to read.

Auto captioning for Samsung users with a 3 or 3.1 UI can now be turned on or live captioning enabled, thanks to the update. This utility will be useful when watching movies both in the gallery and online, as well as while listening to podcasts.

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