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find the Library folder on Mac and view hidden files

How to find the Library folder on Mac and view hidden files

How to view the Library folder on a Mac computer The Library folder on Mac computers is hidden by default for security reasons. However, there are many reasons why a Macintosh user might need to view this...

Clipt, the new app to share clipboard between Android and Windows, macOS or Linux

Clipt is an app developed by OneLab, a team within OnePlus that works on new apps. What it offers us is the ability to send content between devices. Something that many of us do...
What has changed in Apple

How to Increase Productivity with Safari Extensions for Mac

Increasing your productivity is much easier thanks to Safari for Mac. Apple recently launched a "campaign" to encourage the use of Safari extensions in Mac users: they prove to be very useful and interesting, above...
best PDF editors for Mac

The 5 best PDF editors for Mac – Free And Paid

Do you want to sign the recent rental agreement or a document you received in the mail? Usually, you need to download the PDF, print it, add details and then scan it using a...
improve MacBook M1 battery life

9 tips to improve MacBook M1 battery life

Apple's MacBook range finally changed lines last year. The Cupertino-based company has replaced Intel-based MacBooks with an internal M1 chipset. Both the 2020 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are equipped with Apple's M1 CPU...
CleanMyMac X

How to clean up Mac – 5 Best Software free and paid.

Often and willingly, based on false myths, we tend to think that Macs are immune to viruses and do not require maintenance. In the long term, however, neglecting these aspects can lead to general slowdowns...
Microphone doesn't work on Mac

Microphone doesn’t work on Mac try these 5 tips

Working from home is the new norm these days. Many companies like Shopify, Salesforce, Twitter, Spotify, and so on allow employees to do their business from home. During virtual meetings and conferences, it may...


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