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How to set reminders about the time you spend on Instagram

set reminders about the time you spend on Instagram

Instagram usage among Android users in Spain has skyrocketed in recent years. This means that there are users who spend a large amount of time each day in the application, something you can easily verify in the application itself. In addition to checking the time spent each day, the application gives us more options. It’s possible to set …

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How To Change color of your chats on Instagram

Change color of your chats on Instagram

Do you want to customize the theme of your conversations on Instagram? Then you came to the right place because here you will see how to change the color of Instagram chats. This setting will add a more personal touch to your profile. So don’t let it go! How to change the background …

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How to link a Facebook page to an Instagram business profile

Facebook and Instagram are among the most used social networks and boast millions of subscribers. Both are branded Zuckerberg, after the acquisition of the second in 2012, and they work peacefully in symbiosis. This is why they are loved by companies: that’s enough to connect a Facebook page to the corporate …

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Aero Insta, the best Instagram mod on Android

One of the biggest advantages of Android is the ability to customize our smartphone as we like, even with third-party applications. Among the most useful and innovative stands out Aero Insta, a mod with many more features than the official Instagram application. Let’s see which are the most useful and …

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