Instagram Tips And Tricks


Disabling Instagram Reels

If you don’t like the content that users upload to Instagram Reels, or you find TikTok videos much better, don’t worry. You can disable Instagram Reelshow? Keep reading that here we explain everything in detail.

How to disable Instagram Reels?

Unfortunately, no function allows you to deactivate Instagram Reels in the blink of an eye, because being a new feature that the social network recently added, it is not allowed to easily deactivate it.

So, in this situation, you will surely ask yourself, can Reels be deactivated on Instagram? And the answer is yes. For this, you will have to uninstall the version that you have installed on your Android mobile, then download an older version and that’s it. Not sure how to do all this? Follow these steps that we show you below:

  • The first thing you have to do is uninstall the version of Instagram that you have installed on your Android mobile.
  • Once the application is uninstalled, you must download this version of Instagram in APK format.
  • Install the version of Instagram in APK format that you have downloaded.
  • Open Instagram and log in with your account.
  • And voila, you will have deactivated Instagram Reels.

If any step of the tutorial is complicated, or you cannot download and install the APK version of Instagram on your mobile, you should follow this tutorial to install APK files on Android. There we show you all the steps you have to take so that you can download and install these types of applications on your mobile without problems.

Important information about Instagram Reels!

This method that we show you here is not definitive, what does this mean? Which is a temporary solution? When you download an old version of Instagram, the social network will constantly ask you to update the app so that you can enjoy the latest news.

For you to avoid this, you will have to deactivate automatic updates within the Play Store, don’t you know how to do it? Follow all the steps that we show you in this tutorial:

  • Inside the Play Store, you must click on the three small stripes that are located at the top left of the screen.
  • A menu with several options will be displayed, click on the one that says Configuration.
  • Therefore, you must click on Update applications automatically.
  • Finally, choose the option that says Do not update apps automatically, and then click the Done button.

Although you can also enter Instagram from the Play Store and disable updates only for that app.

Without much more to add, it is necessary to clarify that this method will stop working at some point because Instagram will tell you that yes or yes you must update the app to continue using its services. When this happens, you will not be able to deactivate the Reels in any way (unless they include an option within the application). If that happens, we will update this article.

How to save photos on Instagram, send them privately, ignore messages, hide tags, use filters without publishing, etc.

The popular app Instagram has undergone many changes since it belongs to Facebook and improves visibly, to the point that users often struggle to follow carefully all the news proposed in the app. More and more users are signing up and the app has more and more photo editing tools to improve and personalize the shots taken with the mobile phone before sharing them on the internet.

Just for users or those who occasionally use the app, in this guide we will show you in detail the main functions and tricks that the Instagram app offers so that you can use it to its full potential to increase the followers who follow us, the Likes on the photos, the appreciation of the shared stories and improve the user experience.

Best Instagram tricks

If we have not already done so, we download the Instagram app on our smartphone Android or our iPhone, so that you can immediately start using it with your Facebook account (taking care to associate our Facebook account with the relevant app before continuing on Instagram). Once you get access to Instagram use the following tricks and tips to improve the user experience of the app.

Order Instagram photo filters

If we have Instagram filters that we use more than others, we can reorder them so that they are immediately available when we take a new photo.

To do this, simply open the app, press the + icon in the center of the lower bar, choose which photo to publish, press the upper right corner on Come on, scroll down on the photo filters until you find the item Manage, press on it and use the buttons next to each filter to reorder them, simply by holding down with your finger and dragging them.
Instagram filters

Reordered the filters, just press on the top left to confirm and return to the photo editing screen. From now on we will have the Instagram filters that we appreciate most displayed immediately after uploading so that we can immediately apply them.

Check the application of the photo filter

Still, on the theme of Instagram photo filters, we can immediately check what effect the new filter generates and make a comparison with the original photo simply by holding your finger on the photo after choosing the filter.
Try filter

By releasing the button we can immediately check the difference between the original photo and the modified photo, so as not to have to go back to the “Normal” filter every time.

How to add GIFs to Stories

If we are lovers of animated GIFs and we want to use them also in the Stories, all we have to do is open the app, press on the top left, go to the section Create and scroll through the various elements until you find the button GIF.
Instagram GIF

As soon as we get to the right screen we press on the search bar on GIPHY and we type a phrase or a word consistent with the GIF we are looking for, to show it in the preview and add it to our Instagram story.

How to hide hashtags in Stories

If we are trying to increase our followers but do not want to show the hashtags that we use in the stories, we can act with a simple trick to hide them.

First of all, let’s create a new story, let’s go to the section Create, press the button aa, then top right on aa then type the hashtag to hide (obviously using #); once ready, reduce it to the smallest possible size (using the left side slide) and set the same color used in the background of the story (also using the tool Dropper, present in the color bar), so that it becomes invisible dragging it to the story area with the same color.
Hidden hashtag

This trick is effective for stories that have a uniform color, but we can also use it in our stories with personal photos, taking care to hide the hashtags in a part of the photo with uniform color (for example a white wall).

How to have the blue tick on the Instagram profile

VIPs, big brands, or Instagram influencers can certify their identity by requesting Instagram: in case of a positive outcome, a blue tick will appear next to the profile, thus certifying the authenticity of each element shared on it (excellent to avoid clone and fake profiles).
Instagram certified

If we also want to obtain this recognition and distinguish ourselves from all the others, simply open the Instagram app, press on the bottom right on the profile image, then on the top right on the three lines and finally take us on the path Settings -> Accounts, so you can press on Request verification.
Check Instagram

We will be asked to fill in a form and also to provide identity documents; after a few weeks, we will finally be able to benefit from the blue tick on our profile.

The request cannot be made by all Instagram users, but is reserved for registered brands, VIPs and influencers: therefore, we recommend that you make the request only if we exceed 5000 followers and we take care of our profile in every detail, such as seen in the guide How to increase subscribers on Instagram.

Other useful tips for Instagram

Below we have collected other tricks and useful options to know on Instagram so that you can make the best use of it.

Send photos privately only to selected people
If you don’t use Instagram to be followed by strangers but you just want to share some shots with friends and relatives, we can use chats Direct to share the photo with up to 15 people. To use Direct, press on the top right of the paper airplane symbol and choose with whom to share the photos.

To select multiple contacts we can choose Direct in the phone sharing menu and select the recipients by touching the circle next to their names or by typing their names in the field ‘TO‘.

How to ignore messages
If you follow friends who constantly share many even uninteresting photos, without blocking them, you can choose to ignore them. To ignore messages directed by a person, we touch the bar icon at the top right of the home page, touch three horizontal points (iPhone), or the three-point button (Android). and select “Ignore all messages from this user“.

Hide or remove tags
Whenever someone tags you in a photo, it appears in the “photo of you” section. If there are some private photos that you don’t want others to see, you can choose to hide them. To hide a tagged photo, touch the offending photo, access the menu, and hide it.

You can also remove the tag or go to Picture of you, tap the settings in the upper right corner, and select the option ‘Add manually‘. In this regard, we invite you to also read our guide on How to tag on Instagram and check the photos where you are.

Use filters without posting photos on Instagram
Many people may be interested in the Instagram app for its filters, without however wanting to use the social network. You can keep the photo private and without publishing it on the internet using Airplane mode. After setting the phone to airplane mode, take the photo, follow the upload and share procedure until it fails.

Press the button to delete the unshared photo and close Instagram. The photo is still saved in the mobile gallery.
In this regard, we can also read our article on How to make videos on Instagram with cinema filters.

Geotag removal
Instagram with the Geotag function recovers the location data of the phone and saves the position of the photos taken. Photos uploaded to Instagram can then be viewed in the Photo Map. To remove the geotag, go to Photo Map and tap on Edit.

Add the Hashtags after publication
After uploading a photo, if you haven’t put a hashtag yet, you can do so by leaving a comment. People will be able to find that photo with the hashtag search.

Saving a published photo
Instagram automatically saves photos to your phone gallery unless you disable the setting save the original photos. To check, go to the settings on the profile page and activate the option Save original photographs.
You can also choose to keep the option disabled and save photos manually.

To save a photo, touch the horizontal three-point button (iPhone) or the button with three vertical points (Android), located at the bottom of the photo, choose “Copy URL” from the menu, paste and open the URL on your phone’s internet browser, touch and hold the photo and save.

Turn off video preloading
When you browse content posted by other people on Instagram, the videos are played automatically. If you don’t want this, go to the settings and select to upload videos only when using Wi-Fi.

Sounds On and Off on videos
You can turn off the audio of Instagram videos in the settings. To listen to the audio of a video in this case, you must tap the audio button on the top right corner of the video.


Instagram is one of the most complete services to take care of our social image and, with all the tricks we have shown above, we will be able to significantly increase our photographic presence on the social network and consequently increase the followers who follow us, to become a true expert influencer.

Other very effective tricks for Instagram can be seen in the guides Instagram on PC with extensions for Chrome and Firefox is download photos and videos from Instagram from Android, iPhone, and PC.

If we don’t know what content to include in the Stories or Instagram posts, just visit the Sites to search and download photos, videos, and stories from Instagram on PC without registration.

If you want to check the data that Instagram has accumulated about you, there is a way to download all your account data on the social network.

If you have a profile on a social network, you probably end up sharing more personal data with these networks than you should, or even what you think. Luckily, you can see the amount of data that a social network like Instagram has accumulated, or even that companies access them. This way, you can know more about everything you share on the social network and maybe modify its use or the privacy of your account.

How To Download Instagram Data

Below we show you how we can download all the data from our Instagram account. It is a simple process that will help us to have a more accurate view of all the information that this social network has accumulated about us over time.

Most social networks have such a feature, Facebook has one too, for example. It is a good method with which to see what information they have about us, which they have accumulated over time. This can be a good help to adjust the privacy in our account so that we will share less data with the social network or with companies that have access to the account.

To download our data from the social network, the steps to follow are the following:

  • Open Instagram
  • Click on the person’s icon to enter your profile.
  • Click on the top three horizontal stripes.
  • Enter Settings
  • Enter the Security section.
  • Click on Download Data.
  • Enter an email or use the one on the screen.
  • Click Request download.
  • Enter your account password.

In this file that Instagram will send us, we find Your photos and videos uploaded, the comments you have made, your profile information, other account information. A file will be generated, which may take about 48 hours to arrive. Although it is normal that in a couple of hours since you make the request, you receive an email with that file.

It is a simple and effective method, which gives us access to that data. Many times we are not aware of what a social network like Instagram knows about us, so carrying out this process will give us access to such data and thus be able to have a good idea of ​​what personal data our handle.