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Best configuration for save battery on your Samsung smartphone

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Something that worries many users with a Samsung smartphone is battery life. We want the phone’s autonomy to be the best possible so that we can use it for as long as possible or always have a battery available in case of emergency.


Fortunately, we can resort to some tweaking. that Samsung has available in settings with which we can monitor battery usage, as well as settings that allow you to reduce power consumption. There is a setting we can use on Galaxy phones with One Ui that is also very useful.

Activating the adaptive battery on a Samsung smartphone

Activating the adaptive battery on a Samsung smartphone

Samsung Adaptive Battery in One UI

Samsung has several options to make our phones work better. Among them, we find functions with which we can reduce the phone’s energy consumption. One of these features available on One UI phones is the Adaptive Battery.

Adaptive Battery is a feature that will limit the use of the phone’s battery for applications that we don’t normally use. This will allow energy consumption to be reduced, as it will restrict those applications that we normally don’t use on the phone, which even if we are not using them, continue to consume energy on the phone.

If you want to activate this function, you must follow these steps:

  1. Open your Samsung smartphone settings.
  2. Go to the Maintenance and battery section.
  3. Tap Battery.
  4. Go to More battery settings.
  5. Activate Adaptive Battery by clicking the) button next to the resource name.

With these simple steps, we activate the adaptive battery on our Samsung smartphone. It’s a simple setup, but it can help a lot in reducing power consumption on our Galaxy phone.

If you are concerned about energy consumption or looking for a simple way to reduce it, this setting is a good choice.

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