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Google Chrome: How to export bookmarks

We offer several ways for you to export bookmarks from your Google Chrome browser, whether you are switching to another browser or just creating a backup. The process of exporting bookmarks from Google Chrome is very simple, as Google makes it very straightforward. Its Bookmark feature is similar to that of other browsers in that […]

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Guide: Use Google Gemini on any Android in any Country

Google Gemini is the new name for Google’s AI, which used to be called Bard. Google Gemini can do amazing things with your Android phone, like helping you write better, find answers faster, and have more fun. You don’t need a fancy phone to use Google Gemini, just download the app and start exploring. Here’s […]

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How to Connect Google Pixel Buds To Windows PC Easily

If you own Google Pixel Buds and a Windows PC, there will be occasions when you’d like to use your Pixel Buds with your PC, whether for watching movies, listening to music, playing games, or other tasks. Pixel Buds, one of the top true wireless earbuds, offer a compelling reason to use them with a […]

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Play Integrity Fix: How To Pass ‘Meets Device And Basic Integrity’

If you’ve rooted your device using Magisk to unlock administrative privileges and explore customization options, you’ve likely encountered the hurdle of SafetyNet triggering issues. SafetyNet, once tripped, restricts access to essential services like banking, payments, and popular apps such as Uber and McDonald’s. This guide focuses on navigating two specific SafetyNet tests: “Meets Device Integrity” […]

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How To Share Google Calendar Events via Gmail

Have you ever wondered how to share a Google Calendar event via Gmail effortlessly? The answer is within reach! Google Calendar is a vital organizational tool that helps us manage our daily activities efficiently. It allows scheduling events, meetings, reminders, and more, accessible from any internet-connected device. This facilitates streamlined coordination and team planning. Fret […]


Google prepares feature to hide your IP on Chrome

In this guide, you will learn how Google Chrome improves online privacy with its new IP Protection feature, which aims to secure users’ IP addresses through proxy servers. How Google Chrome is improving online privacy with IP protection Even though Google Chrome has always been widely used as a web browser, it was not the […]

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3 Ways To Factory Reset Google WiFi

Google Wi-Fi is a great innovation, but it’s frustrating when the system doesn’t work as it should. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble with your Google Wi-Fi; there are simple ways to solve it. Resetting Google WiFi can be a real game-changer, particularly when it comes to quickly resolving performance issues. This guide will show […]

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How To Fix: Google Assistant Isn’t In Your Language Yet

The problem “For Now The Google Assistant isn’t available in your language” can be fixed in a few different ways, and we will demonstrate those techniques for you in this tutorial. When it comes to virtual assistants, there is almost no room for debate about the fact that the product that the tech giant from […]

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3 Ways to Connect a Chromebook to a Monitor or TV

These days, larger display setups in the workplace are extremely common. Many people prefer to use a system with at least one large monitor or two monitors because multitasking is facilitated and productivity is increased quickly. What operating system your system is using is irrelevant. No matter which operating system you use—Windows, Linux, macOS, or […]

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How to delete Google Bard history – Guide

Google Bard is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate creative texts based on keywords. However, you may not want your Google Bard searches to be recorded in your Google history, either for privacy, security or simply to prevent them from accumulating. In this article, we will explain how to delete Google Bard history […]

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