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How To Setup Galaxy Buds Headphones

How To Setup Galaxy Buds Headphones

How to set up Galaxy Bud’s headphones? The Bluetooth headsets Samsung is an excellent choice for those who want to make the most sound of music in every way. Not only on smartphones, but the headphones can also be used on notebooks, tablets, smartwatches, smart TVs, wearables, etc.


And if you have just purchased your first Galaxy earbuds, you will need to connect it with your cell phone for it to work perfectly. Communication between the headphones and the phone will be done through an application. With it you can define which applications should send notifications directly to the headphones, being able to activate or deactivate whenever you want.

And if you want to reset and undo any changes made to the Galaxy Buds headphones, just enter the application, follow the instructions and quickly they will be completely reset to their factory settings. You will find all this information below, just keep reading.

Connecting Galaxy Buds to your phone

Do it first: make sure your Buds are already loaded. To do this, place the headphones inside the case and close the lid, if the light on the box flashes, place them to recharge for + – 15 minutes. If they are sufficiently charged, proceed directly to the steps below.

1 – Access the Play Store store and install the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone.

2 – After you have installed the application, approach the charging box with the headphones inside.

3 – Then open the lid of the charging box for the Buds to enter pairing mode and to be detected by Bluetooth. You will see a pop-up in the application requesting the connection, tap ” Connect ” to start the procedure.

Connecting Galaxy Buds to your phone

4 – Click ” Allow ” (Allow) to accept a certain application request, do the same in all the windows that are opening.

5 – Wait for the process to arrive at 100%, and then allow all requests again. When finished, click on ” Accept ” (Agree) just below the screen.

6 – On this screen, check all applications you want to receive notifications or select them manually. Click “ Next ” (Next). On the next screen, see some features of the Buds and after that tap on “ Finish ” (Pair) to pair the headphones.

7 – When finished and if there are updates, tap “ Update ” (Update) in the pop-up that opens.

8 – Finally, click on “ Install now ”. Wait for the updates to be downloaded and installed on the phone and then just use the Galaxy Buds headphones normally.

How to reset Galaxy Bud’s headphones?

Follow the steps below to reset all the settings you made on Galaxy Buds. This action will undo any changes made to the buttons.

  1. Open the case cover or remove the earphones from inside so that they connect to the phone.
  2. Then enter the home screen of the Galaxy Wearable app, scroll down and tap on the “ About headphones ” option (About earbuds).
  3. On the next screen, tap on “ Reset earbuds ” and tap on “ Reset ” (reset) to confirm.
  4. There, your headphones have been successfully reset.

Galaxy Buds Tips and Features

In this section we will entertain how the button presses on the headphones work, notifications, how to turn on, off, activate pairing mode, and so on.

Notifications sent to Galaxy Buds :Unlike fitness watches and bracelets, the headphones will not read notifications when they are received on the phone, only her name will be heard, such as E-mailMissed callAlarm, etc.

Galaxy Buds touch buttons :

See the number of rings to perform one or more actions on the headphones. Also, learn how to change the button to request the Voice Command or Surround Sound function.

  • Just tap to “ Play / Pause ” a song track.
  • Two quick taps to play the “ Next Track ” or “ Answer / End a call “.
  • Tap three times quickly in one of the headphones to play the ” Previous Track ” of a song.
  • Press and hold the left phone’s touch to “ Decrease ” the volume and the right to “ Increase ”. In this case, you can access the application settings to change the type of action (by pressing and holding the button) on one or both headphones. For example, changing so that one of the headphones executes the Voice Command, Surround Sound, etc.

Note: The commands work on both the right and left handsets, except for the last function above.

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