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How To Install Magisk Manager on Android

Magisk Manager on Android

The term Magisk Manager is very familiar to us these days, mostly associated with the word Root. Magisk Manager is the best alternative to the Chainfires SuperSu tool. Many of us still use the SuperSu tool to get root permissions on Android devices, because it’s more popular and everyone recommends this method. But Google …

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How To Backup Android Phone Before Flashing Stock Firmware

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You will need to download and set up the Android SDK on your computer. This will be used to initiate the backup and restore process on your Android devices. It’s also recommended that you set your device’s display sleep timer to a time that will disable it from turning off during the process. …

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How to install TWRP 3.0.x Recovery on Android

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How to install TWRP 3.0.x Recovery on Android devices With TWRP Recovery you can create backups of the entire operating system with all the user’s data and apps. It is a very useful operation to recover your device in case you encounter some problems, or you would like to return to the previous …

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How to download videos from Facebook in the iPhone roll

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Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. This service allows you to easily get in touch with lost friends, share photos, watch shared videos and send messages. But Facebook has a huge limit, it lets you view photos and videos on the Social Network platform, but it doesn’t allow …

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