Monday, May 23, 2022
decrease Galaxy Watch 4 battery usage

How to decrease Galaxy Watch 4 battery usage

When it comes to the best Android smartwatches, Wear OS devices have minimal options. Just like the smartphone market, Samsung has its place in the market. The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic...
Subscribe to Twitch Channels

How to Subscribe to Twitch Channels for Free (Updated Method)

Twitch is today the number one streaming entertainment platform where users are the content creators themselves. Unlike services like Netflix, Disney+, or HBO Max, behind the streamers there are no big production companies or sponsors (except...
disable Google Play Protect

How to disable Google Play Protect on your Android?

As some may already know, Google has created a new app that is automatically installed on your Android devices called Google Play Protect, with the function of protecting mobiles or tablets from malicious applications. But why would you want...
MIUI hides an FPS counter

How to activate the MIUI FPS meter on Xiaomi phones

Although each customization layer for Android has its own, it is no secret that MIUI, Xiaomi's, is one of the most complete. It is highly customizable and hides some very useful features, even for gamers, such...
Mythology Cheat Codes All Updated

Age Of Mythology Cheat Codes All Updated

Age of Mythology (better known as AOM) was one of the best PC games in the early 2000s. Launched in 2002 in North America and Europe, AOM was developed by Microsoft Games Studios and sold over a...
Uber Eats Register

Uber Eats Register Within 2 Minutes

How to register a restaurant in Uber Eats? Before explaining how to register a restaurant in Uber Eats, it is important that you know that to do so you must meet some requirements. For example, Uber Eats...
App To Detect Recording Devices

App To Detect Recording Devices (Hidden Cameras)

There is nothing worse than living in fear that you are being watched by someone or something. Maybe a camera? To get rid of the doubt, you can use the sensors of your Android smartphone to Detect...


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