Wednesday , October 27 2021
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Google TV to offer free Pluto TV-style TV channels

free Pluto TV-style TV channels

The video players that companies like Google or Amazon launched at the time give a second chance to all those televisions that are not intelligent or have an operating system. Google TV, along with Chromecast, is one of those useful devices.

The platform for TV aims to offer more variety in its content, totally free and easy to access. It is something that was going to be carried out on Android TV, although it was finally left to mere intention.

Google TV tests free TV channels with ads

The idea of ​​Google with its platform for televisions is to turn it into something more than a simple compliment. It intends that Google TV offers more of a service, expanding its content in the process. That is why the company has started conversations with several production companies to distribute TV channels for free on its platform.

It would greatly increase the Google TV catalog, as it houses most of the streaming video applications, such as NetflixDisney +, HBO, Rakuten, and many more. These channels will have one point in common, and that is that they will be aimed at the family, with content for all audiences.

Google TV tests free TV channels with ads

However, all these channels would be integrated into the Google TV interface to be broadcast live. According to Protocol, they would be shown in a specific menu with all the programming in rigorous direct.

Google will thus fulfill one of the goals that it did not achieve with Android TV in 2014, so it is not the company’s first attempt to offer television channels through its operating system for these devices.

Nor would it be the first to offer this type of content, since other platforms do it when Google was still a simple idea. Exponents such as Pluto TV or Roku TV have free TV channels in their content.

There must be a method to finance this offer with excellent quality and without touching your pocket. Therefore, these channels will retain their advertising when broadcast on Google TV, just like they are shown on conventional television.

Although a great deal of information is already available, there is still a lot of details to be described. The arrival of this novelty on the platform has been set to be at the end of 2022, although you will be able to see some channels the next fall.

However, there is no specific release date. It is also not known if this function with free TV channels will only reach the United States or if it will expand to other regions in the world, such as Europe and more specifically Spain.

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