Get the most out of your Huawei Watch GT

Right now, the best smartwatches out there are the Huawei Watch GT. If you have one, we will show you the best tricks that exist so that you make the most of all the options it offers (and that are many more than they seem at first).

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Although it does not allow the installation of applications, these smartwatches include many possibilities when it comes to customizing them and even for you to carry out very useful actions in your day-to-day life. And, all of them, you can take advantage of them without making complicated settings.

The best tricks for the Huawei Watch GT

The options that we are going to show are compatible with all the models in this product range. Therefore, it does not matter which Huawei Watch GT you have, since you will always take advantage of what we tell you.

Change the use of the secondary button

This is the one in the lower area on the right, and it is possible to change the action associated with it. To do this, enter the Huawei Watch GT settings and, there, look for the Button section below. You will then see all the available options, ranging from accessing the heart rate measurement to starting to record sports activity.

Change the use of the secondary button

Use the Huawei Watch GT as a flashlight

This is something that not many know, but when you click on the button at the top right, among the existing possibilities there is a so-called Flashlight. When used, the smartwatch screen turns white with maximum brightness. In this way, it can be helpful when using the house keys.

Find the paired phone

This is one of the functions that the Huawei accessory has. It allows the smartphone to ring and, therefore, be located easily. What you have to do is drag from top to bottom on the main screen and, among the icons that appear, there is one called Find phone. Just put it to use.

Find the paired phone

Measures the amount of oxygen in the blood

This is achieved thanks to the sensor included in the smartwatch, and to know this information you simply have to access the applications with the upper button on the right side. Find the option called SpO2 and follow the prompts on the screen. You need to be sitting and resting for the data to be reliable.

Take photos from a distance

By using the Remote Shutter tool (it appears when you press the upper button on the right), you access the camera that has the mobile phone synchronized. In this way, when using the icon in the central area, a photo is taken. In addition, it also allows you to set a timer, which is very useful for taking a group shot that you do not want to miss.

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