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May, 2023

  • 1 May

    How To Fix Huawei Restricted Settings – Guide

    Fix Huawei Restricted Settings

    In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information on Huawei settings with Restricted and how to resolve them. With our expertise, we have written a top-notch article after thoroughly researching the topic. Huawei restricted settings: what is the problem? As you have probably noticed, if you try to use the Huawei Health program on your Android device, the following error …

March, 2023

  • 5 March

    Installing Google Play Apps on Huawei Phones with GBox

    Google Play Apps on Huawei Phones with GBox

    Are you one of the millions of people who use a Huawei phone? If so, you may be wondering what’s happening. Like other Android smartphones, Huawei phones download and install apps from the Google Play Store. But Huawei, like other smartphone manufacturers, is no longer able to access the Google Play Store as a result of recent restrictions put in …

November, 2021

  • 12 November

    How to add the Petal Search widget to your Huawei home screen

    Petal Search widget to your Huawei home screen

    The Petal Search is available for users in Portugal for several months as an Alternative Huawei Google app. a search engine with which we can do any research or read the news that interests us, in the purest Google Discover style. The Huawei application also allows you to update applications that we have on the phone as it uses multiple sources. In these months, Huawei has been updating this application and one of its latest …

  • 5 November

    How to pair Huawei Band 6 with mobile

    configure Huawei Band 6

    Learn how to configure Huawei Band 6 on your mobile. To connect Huawei’s new smart bracelet, you will have to use the official app to establish a pairing between the two devices. After you connect your smartband to the mobile, exercise and monitoring data can be viewed in the app tab. See below for all instructions on how to download/install the app as well …

October, 2021

  • 3 October

    How to Mute Your Huawei Smartphone Camera When Taking Pictures

    How to Mute Your Huawei Smartphone Camera When Taking Pictures

    One of the most common actions we take with a Huawei phone is taking pictures. The brand was crowned as one of the most notables in this field thanks to phones like the P30 Pro. When we take a photograph, it is normal for the camera to make noise when shooting. Want to take a picture without the camera making noise? This noise is something that …

September, 2021

  • 12 September

    How To install Google Play on Huawei and HarmonyOS using OurPlay

    install Google Play on Huawei and HarmonyOS

    The US veto on Huawei does not prevent the Chinese brand from using Android on their mobiles, but it does prohibit them from using Google Services, which are what give life to Android. Huawei has continued to release powerful Android smartphones with very cool features, but without Google Play and Google services, they seem to be missing something. That is why people …

January, 2021

  • 14 January

    How to install Google Play on Huawei and Honor with the Dual Space app

    Google Play on Huawei and Honor

    Despite the prohibitions that the United States has imposed on Huawei, the Chinese brand continues to launch really very good smartphones both because of how powerful they are and because of their great cameras. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about its operating system, which, although it is still Android, now comes without Google services and applications. This makes it quite difficult to use …

  • 10 January

    How to download an APK from AppGallery on your computer

    APK from AppGallery on your computer

    We bring you a trick with which to download APK files of any application from AppGallery, Huawei’s application store. For this, you will not need to have a Huawei device or have configured any account, just your browser and follow the step-by-step tutorial that you will find below. The time needed:  1 minute. How to download an APK file from …

November, 2020

  • 8 November

    The best tricks for the Huawei Watch GT – Guide

    Get the most out of your Huawei Watch GT

    Right now, the best smartwatches out there are the Huawei Watch GT. If you have one, we will show you the best tricks that exist so that you make the most of all the options it offers (and that are many more than they seem at first). Although it does not allow the installation of applications, these smartwatches include many possibilities when …

August, 2020

  • 23 August

    How To Fix The Notification Problem On Huawei P40

    Fix The Notification Problem On Huawei P40

    The trade war between the United States and China has been a real headache for tech companies. Of all the cases, the most relevant is Google’s veto of Huawei and the impossibility of using its services on the Chinese manufacturer’s devices. For months there have been multiple solutions to install them, but in general, they maintain a problem: the notifications of many apps do …

July, 2020

  • 12 July

    How To Change Fingerprint Animation EMUI Tip 10.1

    How To Change Fingerprint Animation EMUI Tip 10.1

    EMUI 10.1 has several new features for devices that are privileged to receive it, including the three new fingerprint animations for the on-screen fingerprint scanner. The new fingerprint animations are inspired by the elements of earth, fire, and water. The animation effects look immersive and improve user experience. Three new fingerprint animations The feature is currently being launched for Huawei …