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How to pair Huawei Band 6 with mobile

configure Huawei Band 6

Learn how to configure Huawei Band 6 on your mobile. To connect Huawei’s new smart bracelet, you will have to use the official app to establish a pairing between the two devices.


After you connect your smartband to the mobile, exercise and monitoring data can be viewed in the app tab. See below for all instructions on how to download/install the app as well as how to pair the Huawei Band 6 smart bracelet with your mobile phone.

Installing the HUAWEI Health App on mobile:

For you to receive information from the bracelet on your phone, you will need to install and configure the HUAWEI Health app in advance. See instructions below.

  • First, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. Go to Setup > Bluetooth and enable the function.
  • Then turn on Huawei Band 6 by pressing the side switch for a few seconds.
  • The choice of language will be asked, scroll the screen and select the desired one.
  • On the screen asking to pair, swipe your finger from the bottom to the top to display the QR Code of the app that will manage the bracelet on the phone.
  • Once that’s done, scan the code with your phone or download it directly from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for the iPhone.

After installing HUAWEI Health on your phone, open the app, create an account or log in to an existing one. Agree to the terms of use and allow whatever is requested by the application (location, SDcard access, etc.).

How to pair Huawei Band 6 on mobile

1. Then select the “ Devices ” tab (clock icon) located at the bottom of the screen. Tap the “Add” section (Compatible with multiple devices at the same time).

Installing the HUAWEI Health App on mobile

2. In “ All Devices ”, tap “ Smart Wristband ” and in the next step, select “ HUAWEI Band 6 ”. The wristband image with some information will appear on the next screen.

image with some information

3. Below, tap the “ PAIR ” button. A pairing request will be sent to the bracelet. Tap the verification icon to accept the connection between devices.

verification icon

4. Now, check the options “ Download updates via wifi ” and automatically “ Update automatically ” to download and install updates even when the device is not in use and tap “ CONTINUE ”.

Download updates via wifi

5. Tap “ UPDATE NOW ” and on the next screen, click the “ UPDATE ” button. Wait to download and install all available update packages. The bracelet will restart after all updates are installed.


6. Finally, tap the “ CONTINUE ” button to move forward. Remember to leave both options checked so that future updates will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Well, friends, these were the steps to pair the Huawei Band 6 with the phone. Below, check additional settings to make in the app.

How to configure the HUAWEI Health app on mobile

After clicking “ Continue ”, you will have to enable the app to send notifications to the bracelet. To do this, click on Enable / Activate > Health > Health, on the screen “Notification access” activate the key to enable the feature.

Wait for the countdown of 5 seconds and then tap “ Accept ”. Okay, now the bracelet can receive notifications of SMS, phone calls, etc.

Now go back to the “ Notifications ” tab and enable the desired apps, tap “ Done ” and confirm in “ Ok ”. Finally, tap “ Allow ” for the app to have access to the phone’s contact list and again to the phone call logs.

You will then be shown the correct position on how to wear the bracelet on your wrist. Click “ Ok ” to finish.

On this device screen, you will see information about your wristband battery level and connection status. Below are sections to configure, set, or enable/disable a function or feature, such as tracking your health monitoring, setting an alarm, or even downloading, customizing, or just changing the wristband’s screen display. See the main functions:

  • Watch faces
  • health monitoring
  • Notifications
  • Alarm
  • Health reports
  • Problems solution
  • Help

In the “ Others ” section below, you will find the following functions: Device settings when you want to make some kind of change or add another device. Reset the application by selecting the “ Restore Factory Settings ” option and check if there is any update by clicking on the last “ Update Firmware ” tab.

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