Top 10 bots


As in Telegram, in Discord, there are many bots that make your life easier on the platform. In fact, bots are an essential part of the Discord ecosystem. So, if you have a server on this platform and you have not yet integrated bots, you are doing things wrong. There are bots for Discord that allow you to welcome new members, explain the rules, answer frequently asked questions, in other things, automatically (without you doing it).

There are even bots that, through a series of commands, allow you to add music, icons, gifs, and even videos to chats, as well as useful tools to ping or use a calculator. And there are even bots that add minigames to your server. In short, you’re missing out on a huge world of new features and possibilities in Discord if you don’t use or have never been very interested in bots.

To catch up, here we bring you a selection of the 10 best bots that you can integrate into your Discord server today. Some of them will allow you to manage your community more efficiently and comfortably, others will provide you with useful tools and we will also introduce you to some that only serve to have fun with your friends. Without further ado, let’s see what these bots are.

MEE6, to configure the moderation of your server in a personalized and simple way


If you need a bot that moderates the server you own on Discord for you, MEE6 is one of the best for that. This bot allows you to configure a welcome message to new members with the rules, topic, or current events of the server, as well as assign them a role automatically. It also lets you easily program a ban system to automatically kick out users who break the rules.

In fact, MEE6 lets you create your own custom commands for more accurate server moderation. Another thing we like about this bot is its level system, which grants experience points to the most active members of the community so that they level up and obtain the rewards that you decide. In this way, you will stimulate participation because everyone will want to be at the highest level of the MEE6 ranking.

This bot can also send you notifications when your favorite streamer is live on Twitch, uploads a video to YouTube, or posts something on Reddit. Cool, huh?

Add to your server | MEE6

Dyno, one of the most complete to manage your community


Another Discord bot that is incredibly useful for managing your server is Dyno. And this bot can do everything: moderate, block spam (it can delete many messages), assign roles, create commands, show automatic messages, etc. In total, it offers more than 250 tools that you can customize so that the bot does the exact action that you want in each possible situation.

However, Dyno is not only a powerful bot to manage your community. You can also use it as a DJ since it is capable of adding music to your server and playing lists. In addition, it allows you to search for things on the Internet, including images.

Add to your server | Dyno

Ayana, a virtual assistant with anime-style for your server


Ayana is also one of those Discord bots that allow you to keep your server in order. It is designed as a very friendly female anime character, so it brings good vibes to your community. What does? Well, practically everything; from custom moderating your server to offering you music and other options to have fun with your friends.

It is available in Spanish and some of the things it can do are indicate the ping of your connection, ban users, post memes or images to react, play music lists, assign roles, and much more … Ayana is one of the most versatile bots what’s out there for Discord, so you should try it yourself to discover its full potential.

Add to your server | Ayana

Rythm, Discord’s quintessential music bot


To add music to your Discord server there is nothing better than Rythm. This bot allows you to search and play YouTube music very easily from the server. It even allows you to playlists and activates the AutoPlay option. It also works with Soundcloud and can show you the lyrics of many songs.

Also, it should be noted that Rythm is probably the most stable music bot on Discord; you won’t have lag problems or anything like that when listening to music with it.

Add to your server | Rythm

Xenon, to make a backup of your server and much more


Xenon is a very useful bot since it allows you to create a backup of your server, upload templates, and even transfer messages between multiple servers. In fact, you can schedule it to make the backup at the time interval you want (daily, monthly, etc.) automatically. Thus, you will not have to worry about if something bad happens and your entire server is deleted because you can restore it.

Add to your server | Xenon

Dank Memer, the bot of memes can not miss

Dank Memer

Dank Memer is a true Discord classic. Since it came out in 2017, it is a user favorite. It offers more than 260 commands so that you can have fun with your community by sharing the right meme for each situation. Of course, you will not only get memes from this bot. Dank Memer also provides you with various mini-games for you to hang out on the server.

It even has a very particular monetary system that allows you to earn fictitious coins on the server to buy in the meme store. In short, it is an essential bot on any friend server.

Add to your server | Dank Memer

Tip, send cryptocurrencies on Discord the easy way


If you want to use Discord to transfer money, either to make donations or to pay for a service or product, you can do it with cryptocurrencies thanks to Tip. This bot allows you to send cryptocurrencies to your server in a simple way. It does not impose a minimum or fees for transfers, and you can send money to whoever you want, even if they don’t have a cryptocurrency portfolio yet.

Currently, Tip supports more than 164 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The bot is completely free, so it’s worth a try.

Add to your server | Tip

EPIC RPG, because on Discord you can also role-play


Believe it or not, the EPIC RPG bot allows you to play a text RPG on your Discord server with all the elements of this genre: enemies, dungeons, PvP, gambling, looting, leaderboards, reputation, and more. The purpose of the game is to level up, get armor and swords, and then beat the bosses in the dungeons to unlock new commands and features.

In total, the game has 15 dungeons, so it offers a decent amount of hours of play. And don’t worry about controls, you can do it all by entering text commands. Anyway, when you start the bot, it will explain how to play.

Add to your server | EPIC RPG

Sesh, the best calendar bot for Discord


Interestingly, Discord doesn’t offer a calendar or any kind of option to natively schedule events or reminders. Luckily, there is the Sesh bot that allows you to manage events, schedule appointments, create alerts or reminders, and much more. These types of functions are really very useful for gamers since they allow you to organize online games or meetings.

The best thing about Sesh is that it eliminates the time confusion that is always generated between players from different countries. This bot automatically converts any time to the time of your country so you don’t miss any events. As if that were not enough, Sesh also has integration with Google Calendar, making it a very complete bot to take into account.

Add to your server | Sesh

ServerStats, shows all server data


ServerStats is a bot that adds to your server a panel where you can see different data from the community members, bots used, online members, etc. The bot refreshes all this data every 10 minutes, so it always shows you updated information.

In addition, it allows you to customize the data counters and choose what server information you want to show to the community. If you understand how important metrics are on social media, you will understand how valuable ServerStats is.

Add to your server | ServerStats

So far the list of the 10 best bots for Discord. If you think that we missed mentioning one that you consider essential on your server, let us know.