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How to Set Up Honor Watch Magic 2 Smartwatch

Set Up Honor Watch Magic 2

See in this tutorial how to connect your Honor Watch Magic 2 smartwatch with your Android or iOS phone. The connection between devices is made from the application together with the cell’s Bluetooth. Below, you will find all the details for pairing Honor Watch Magic 2.


First steps:

Before starting, leave Honor Watch Magic 2 next to your cell phone. Then enable Bluetooth on your phone by going to Settings and then tapping the Bluetooth option. Then, download the Huawei Health app on your cell phone, it will make the connection between the devices.

You have the option to download at these links for Android or iOS . You can also scan the QR Code on your watch screen to download the app.

Connecting Honor Watch Magic 2 with mobile:

  1. Turn on Honor Watch Magic 2 by holding down the top button until it vibrates and displays the logo.
  2. Now the smartwatch is ready to be paired with another device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.).
  3. Once you have installed the app on your mobile, open it and grant any necessary permissions as requested.
  4. In the app, tap the Devices tab, tap Add.
  5. From the Smart Watches tab, select Honor Watch Magic 2.
  6. Tap Pair to have the app automatically search for available devices.
  7. Tap on the watch name to start pairing with the cell phone.
  8. Wait for the pairing confirmation prompt to appear on the watch screen. Tap to confirm.
  9. To conclude, also confirm on your cell phone.

Once paired, the watch will show an image, then return to the home screen and sync with cell phone data such as date and time.

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