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restore deleted Instagram posts

How to restore deleted Instagram posts – Guide

Did you accidentally delete (or not) something on Instagram that you now want to recover? Did someone break into your Instagram account and delete valuable content that you need back? Do not worry. Instagram already has an...
longer Instagram stories

How to record longer Instagram stories

You probably love creating and playing Instagram Stories frequently. It seems incredible, but they never end! This feature has become popular among users of the platform, which serves not only to hang out looking at your friends' posts...
find out who's online on Instagram

How to find out who’s online on Instagram – Guide

The social network Instagram has become one of the most used worldwide both to share images or videos with which you can show what you do and, also, to send messages to other users. One of the...
How to pin comments on Instagram posts

How To Pin Comments on Instagram Posts

Instagram one of the largest photo-sharing application, announced that it is launching a new feature to attach comments. This will help users improve their engagement with others using the platform. This new feature will help...
Disabling Instagram Reels

Disabling Instagram Reels is possible, find out how!

If you don't like the content that users upload to Instagram Reels, or you find TikTok videos much better, don't worry. You can disable Instagram Reels, how? Keep reading that here we explain everything in detail. How to...

10 Tips And Useful Options On Instagram

How to save photos on Instagram, send them privately, ignore messages, hide tags, use filters without publishing, etc. The popular app Instagram has undergone many changes since it belongs to Facebook and improves visibly, to...