find out who's online on Instagram


The social network Instagram has become one of the most used worldwide both to share images or videos with which you can show what you do and, also, to send messages to other users. One of the things you may be interested in knowing is who is online. We show you how to find out.

Something important to know is that it is not necessary to install any application to check who is connected, since from the official app itself it is possible to make all the adjustments to achieve it in a simple way (and that allows you to go back if you wish). Therefore, there is no risk whatsoever when it comes to knowing exactly if a friend or family member is connected to Instagram.

An indispensable step that you have to take on Instagram

To access the information, you must first activate the option Show activity status. This allows other users to know if you are online (or when you were online for the last time). This reduces privacy a bit, which should be taken into account. But if you do not activate this option you will not be able to see the data of the rest. What you have to do to achieve it is the following:

  • Press on the main screen the icon at the bottom right that identifies your account. Now, the next step is to do the same with the one that has three horizontal lines in the upper area also on the right.
  • On the screen, you will see a section called Settings that you have to use and then select Privacy.
  • Look for the Activity status option and on the screen that appears you must activate the Show activity status slider.
  • You are done with the first part.

Check who’s online on Instagram

As you already have the function that allows you to view this information on the social network active, now all you have to do is take the necessary steps to access the information in Direct Messages. They are as follows:

  • On the main Instagram page, click on the icon with an arrow pointing diagonally in the upper right area.
  • Now in the list of conversations in the left area, you see the image that represents it and, if the person is currently active, it will have a green dot in the lower area. Therefore, it is connected.

green dot in the lower area

  • In this way, you will know exactly if the messages or interactions you make are seen immediately.

As you have seen, knowing if someone is online on Instagram is very simple, and activating it is something that is achieved in a matter of a few minutes.

 Does this seem like a good trick for Instagram?