Is your Instagram startup full of accounts that you don’t recognize or don’t remember following? So, it is possible that the security of your Instagram has been compromised For different reasons. There are several ways to prevent your account from following others automatically without your permission. But do not worry, this is very easy to solve, here we will explain how you can do it in simple steps.

Verify the applications linked to your account

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One of the reasons why Instagram may be following accounts suddenly is because you have granted permission to dangerous third-party applications. Some of these promise free followers, which are highly risky since many times they can have full control of the account without you noticing it, following other users and even sending unwanted direct messages to your followers.

The most advisable thing is not to grant permission to this type of apps.

How to revoke access to such applications

  • Enter to Instagram
  • Go to your profile and select the horizontal stripes They are located in the upper right.
  • Now choose Security.
  • Click on Applications and websites.
  • Once inside revoke the access of those applications that you don’t know or that you find suspicious.

Review the login activity

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If you think other people have or have had access to your account, what you can do is check login logs. This way you can make sure if someone has entered your account without your permission and has followed accounts that you don’t know. It is very easy to do just follow the steps that we present below.

How can you see the login activity

  • You must first access the application of Instagram
  • Then you must go to your profile and click on the horizontal stripes from the upper right.
  • Choose Setting.
  • Go to the section of Security.
  • Then, you should look for the option to Access data.
  • Go down until you find the Account activity> Session starts.
  • After you have accessed, you can view all the times the account has been accessed.

Change your account password

Finally, if you have already checked your account logins and noticed any suspicious activity, then you should change your password immediately. Try to place a strong password that includes numbers and some special symbols if possible, to give your account more secure.

It’s that easy to keep your account from following unwanted accounts! And if you want to know how you can schedule posts on Instagram here we explain how to do it.