How To Pin Comments on Instagram Posts

How to pin comments on Instagram posts

Instagram one of the largest photo-sharing application, announced that it is launching a new feature to attach comments. This will help users improve their engagement with others using the platform.

This new feature will help users to identify important or favorite comments in their posts. After the user marks the thumbtack icon in a comment, it will be marked as pinned and will rise to the top of the post.

Instagram will also notify the user whose comment has been posted. The feature will allow people to pin up to three comments per post.

Pinned comments are just one of the few features that Instagram debuted in recent months to help fight against the cyberbully.

The social media platform also reviewed earlier, allowing users to delete comments in droves, as well as allowing you to choose who can tag or mention you in their own posts.

How to pin comments at the top of the post on Instagram?

pin comments at the top of the post on Instagram

To do this, users just need to swipe the comment to the left on the phone screen for four options to appear. Options include DeleteReportForward, and Fix.

With the action of placing a comment fixed at the top of the section, the user will bring a little more prominence and make the discussion go in the direction he wants. See the steps below:

  1. Tap on one of the Instagram posts and go to the comments section.
  2. When you find a comment you want to highlight, swipe left or press the pushpin icon.
  3. It will move to the top of the comments and will be labeled “Pinned”.

Once this is done, the person who made the comment will receive a notification. This will happen every time a comment is posted. The good thing about this is that people will be increasingly encouraged to leave more pleasant comments, especially influencers and content creators.

How to exchange fixed posts?

If you have reached the mandatory limit, you can exchange comments on posts already set for others you want. See as below:

  • Swipe left or press and hold the “pushpin” icon again to unpin.

Note: You are allowed to pin up to 3 comments on each post. If you try to set more than the stipulated lite, you will receive a notification that you have reached the limit.

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