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How to disable the auto update of the Instagram feed

As for the rest of the most used social networks, Instagram comes with a function of auto-update of the feed, which means that the posts that appear at the top will always be the...
links on Instagram posts

How to put links on Instagram posts (best methods)

In your Instagram profile, you can add links so that other people can access them. You can also put links in your Stories if you have more than 10,000 followers or in IGTV videos. That...
hoose good hashtags for Instagram

How to choose good hashtags for Instagram?

Putting good hashtags makes your Instagram posts have a greater reach. Sometimes it is also recommended that you generate your own labels to distinguish yourself from others. In addition, the Facebook platform has been allowing you...

How to disable message requests on Instagram

When someone you don't follow up on Instagram tries to send you a message, you will receive one message request in the relevant section of your inbox. Often and sadly, most of these requests...
Instagram for children

Facebook is preparing an Instagram for children

Thanks to the filtration of a statement that was made internally on Facebook, it has been known that the social network plans to create a version of Instagram for children. The statement in question,...
Instagram Lite

Download Instagram Lite on your mobile occupying 2 MB and with Reels

In mid-December of last year, Instagram relaunched Instagram Lite, a much lighter version of the popular photography social network that is geared toward use on low-resource phones. Little by little they have been implementing improvements to Instagram Lite, which...