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How to apply for an electronic visa to travel from your mobile

 apply for an electronic visa

If you are traveling outside the European Union, either for business or vacation, you need a visa. When you hear that word you surely think of paperwork and annoying visits to the embassy, ​​but that is a thing of the past. Now there are e-Visa to apply for visas online, which are the same and have the same validity as the life visa.

You can request your e-Visa to travel to any foreign country from your mobile quickly and easily. Don’t you believe us? Well, then we will explain how to carry out this procedure online using your smartphone or PC, but not before teaching you some basic concepts that you should know so as not to have problems when applying for your visa.

What is an electronic visa or e-Visa?

What is an electronic visa or e-Visa

An electronic visa is a digital permit that a foreign country grants you to enter and stay in its territory for a certain time. Although the application for this authorization is done completely online, it fulfills the same function as the traditional visa: to control the entry and stay of people in a country of which one is not a resident.

Therefore, when requesting an e-Visa you will have to fill in the same information that would be requested at an embassy for a normal visa. If you do not meet certain requirements or if you do not complete the application well, you may be denied the electronic visa and, therefore, the visit to the country. So you have to make this process very seriously.

If you apply correctly and everything goes well, your visa will be sent to you by email in PDF format. This document should be printed to present to immigration services, although you can also show it from your tablet or mobile.

What is ESTA or eTA and why is it not the same as a visa?

If you’ve been doing your research on visas, you’ve probably come across “ESTA”, “eTA” permits, and the like. What is each of them? Well, they are a travel authorization granted by some foreign countriesSo they are another way of calling electronic visas? No. Unlike e-Visas, ESTA or eTA authorizations are not documents per se.

These travel permits are verified by the airlines or immigration services through the data in your passport, as they are connected to the database of the border posts. That is, you should not carry a printed document to validate your travel authorization. However, it is always good to have the confirmation of your ESTA or eTA permission printed to speed up the verification process at the controls.

By the way, each country calls its travel permit differently. We have the ESTA for the USA, the eTA for Canada, or the ETA for Sri Lanka, just to name a few.

How to apply for an electronic visa, e-Visa, ESTA, or eTA from your mobile?

As we mentioned before, you can be refused entry to a country if you make the wrong application for your e-Visa or travel permit. Therefore, you must inform yourself well about it. If you don’t want to get complicated and get your visa quickly, then follow these steps:

  • Enter, a reliable website to obtain them.
  • Choose the country you want to travel to.
  • Open the application form and fill it in with your data and corresponding documents.
    • In this same step, you can fill out the application for other travelers who also need the e-Visa.
  • After completing the registration, the agency will process your application immediately. If they detect an error, they will correct it or contact you to fix it.
  • Thanks to this, your visa, ESTA, or eTA will be approved quickly and you will receive the confirmation by email or text message.

Ready! After completing all these steps, you will be able to travel to your country of destination with an electronic visa, calmly and without worries.

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