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How to activate Android 14’s hidden space minigame

Android 14's hidden space minigame

Among all the new features that Google introduces in every version of Android, the developers also add some ‘secrets’ that we love. One of these is the Easter eggs that have been hidden under the hood for years in every version of Android. They can range from static images to animations to minigames, but all will surely be a thrill for us to find.

In addition to Android 14, which has always had this feature hidden among its settings, Android 14 also has this feature hiding among its settings, which invites us on yet another journey through space. Are you wondering what we’re talking about? Well, it’s the Android 14 Easter Egg, which we will show you in the next section.

What are Android Easter eggs?

Easter eggs

In all of the major versions of the Android operating system, several small and curious hidden features are implemented as small and curious hidden features.

For example, Android 10’s Easter egg was a nonogram (picross), which was quite difficult to play until you got a handle. There were also games for Android 5 and 6 modeled after Flappy Bird, but these were games filled with lollipops and marshmallows as obstacles. In contrast, Android 12 and 13 were interactive watch games.

You will notice that in the case of Android 14, you will find the official Android 14 logo surrounded by several white dots that indicate the version of Android that you are using. If you tap on the logo, however, you will notice that something strange happens with your mobile, as well as with the dots. What is it? You will find out in the next section, where we explain how to activate this easter egg.

Where is the Android 14 Easter egg, and how do I activate it?

Android 14 Easter egg


It is also possible to activate Android 14 by going to the Settings menu of your mobile device, as with previous versions of Android. This feature is also available on devices with layers of customization (such as OneUI from Samsung, OxygenOS from OnePlus, HyperOS from Xiaomi, etc.).

However, you need to follow these steps to activate it.

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Go to ‘Phone information’ (or its equivalent).
  3. Tap on ‘Android Version’┬áto enter the submenu.
  4. Tap the Android version several times on the new screen to reveal the easter egg.

Where is the Android 14 Easter egg

Following the steps outlined above, you will bring up the Android 14 logo and those curious white dots we mentioned in the previous section. However, what happens if you touch and hold the logo briefly? Well, both the phone and the elements on the screen will vibrate.

… but you’re entering hyperdrive, and you will discover the hidden Android 14 minigame if you hold down the logo. Did you do it? If you did, you can enjoy the space navigation minigame, which you won’t find on other Android devices.

Press any point on the screen and slide your finger into the wake of the rocket to make the ship fly through space. With the wake left behind, you can draw whatever you want, so be creative.


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