Little Village simulator for Android, a new colony inspired by the great RimWorld

This fresh indie game takes inspiration from RimWorld to present an expansive open world. In this game, you can build, farm, and manage your colony of survivors, nurturing it to not only prosper but also grow in size.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, RimWorld is an acclaimed colony simulation game that has garnered immense success on Steam, boasting over 140,000 extremely positive reviews. The game involves managing survivors in the aftermath of a global catastrophe and offers unprecedented freedom.

Little Village simulator for Android

Now, indie developer Andy Nemeth has introduced “Little Village” on Android. According to Nemeth, the game is inspired by the impressive RimWorld, providing a visually spectacular gaming experience.

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Little Village

Little Village aims to emulate several tasks found in RimWorld. Construction and farming hold key importance, but effective resource management is also vital for the prosperity of the colony. To ensure this, we can enhance the skills of the colony’s inhabitants, enabling them to excel in their work progressively.


In conclusion, Little Village presents one of the best offerings in the mobile colony management game genre, further drawing inspiration from one of the most popular games in that category. The developer assures ongoing improvements and expansions, making the game a promising venture to watch!

Currently, the game is exclusively available on Google Play.

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