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Make your own keyboard app and customize it – Guide

Make your own keyboard app

The keyboard is perhaps one of the most used apps on any Android device. Most people are used to using the default keyboard of their phone and feel comfortable with it. It’s easy to become complacent with what comes pre-installed and stick with it forever, even if it’s not the best option. So why settle for something simple and limited?


These days, there are amazing keyboards that come with a huge variety of features and offer a wide range of customizations. But how about having the opportunity to create your own custom keyboard? Now, you can do this with Keyboard Designer, a complete and easy-to-use application on your mobile.

How to create your custom keyboard for Android with Keyboard Designer

The easiest way to customize your Android keyboard is through the Keyboard Designer app. After using a boring keyboard for years, it seems almost magical that with this app you can create a beautiful and functional keyboard in just a few steps. Here we show you how you can do it.

  • Go to Google Play on your device and download Keyboard Designer.
  • Once inside the app, use the tabs on the bottom bar to start creating your keyboard.

How to create your custom keyboard for Android with Keyboard Designer

  • Enter the “Designs” tab and change the name, the dimensions of the keyboard, the colors of the keys and the background, and the editing bar, among other things.
  • Hit the “Keys” tab to set the typing function, add new keys, change their height and width, and make other customizations.
  • If you want to import a list of words and share them with the app, tap “Words” in the bottom bar. You will be able to choose several languages ​​and 3 different types of lists (short, regular, and large).

start creating your keyboard

  • To undo steps using the keyboard, tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner.
  • There are many functions that Keyboard Designer has. If you have questions regarding its use, press the “Assistant” or “Help” buttons.
Price: Free

What features does Keyboard Designer offer you?

features does Keyboard Designer

This application allows you to design your own Android keyboard from scratch, adjusting it to your needs. With Keyboard Designer you can create special characters like umlauts and glyphs; create large keys with new styles, change their position and assign different functions to each of them; change the colors and dimensions of the keyboard; convert text to uppercase; remove marks, fix cursor position and much more.

In addition, the app provides you with some sample layouts, which you can use as is or modify and adjust to your liking. To facilitate your experience, Keyboard Designer has navigation tabs at the bottom with help buttons to make your design easy. It also guides you with a wizard, which will show you how to work with the application, and has a help button, which explains the basics.

Keyboard Designer does not request permission to access the Internet and therefore no data will be able to leave your device. However, when you activate the app, it will show you a message indicating that it will be able to record everything you type, including your personal information, passwords, and credit card numbers. But, don’t worry because that information will be stored in the local database of the device and they do not represent any security risk.

Now you can completely change the functions and design of your keyboard. Get ready to get creative!

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