Boost Your OBS Stream with a Live Subscriber Counter!

Imagine you’re a YouTuber who loves doing live streams but can’t keep track of your audience numbers. Why not spice up your events by adding a live subscriber counter right to your stream? It’s not only professional, but it also keeps you updated on your subscriber count in real-time.

Knowing how many folks are tuning in is super important, especially if you’re just starting as a streamer or influencing online. Adding a live subscriber count to your OBS stream and cropping it just right can help you get a feel for your audience. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to add a live sub counter to your OBS Stream, crop it, and even change the background to make it all pop.

Stream with a Live Subscriber Counter

How To Add Live Subscriber Count To OBS Stream Cropped

Integrating a live subscriber count into your OBS stream is quite straightforward. Whether you’re engaged in gaming or streaming content on any specific topic, featuring a live subscriber count is an excellent addition. For better clarity and ease of understanding, I’ve broken down the entire process into three distinct sections.


Step 1: Set channel name

First, launch your web browser and navigate to the website. Upon arrival, you’ll be prompted to enter your channel name in a pop-up window. After entering your channel name, proceed by clicking the OK button to initiate the Subscriber Count.


Now, navigate to the browser’s address bar, highlight the URL, right-click, and choose Copy. Alternatively, you can utilize the Ctrl + C shortcut key for efficiency.

Add-Live-Subscriber-Count-To-OBS (1)


Step 2: Setup source & Alerts

Now, launch OBS and click on the Plus “+” icon located beneath the “Sources” section, which is in the second column from the left.

Add-Live-Subscriber-Count-To-OBS (2)

Navigate to the Menu and choose the BrowserSource option to incorporate it into your live stream sources.

Add-Live-Subscriber-Count-To-OBS (3)


Following this, a prompt will emerge. Beneath the “Create New” designation, you have the option to label it as “Subscriber”. Subsequently, select the “OK” button.

Add-Live-Subscriber-Count-To-OBS (4)

In the following step, paste the URL you copied into the URL input field by using the Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut. Next, click the OK button once more. Following this, you will be able to view the live subscriber count directly in OBS.

Step 3: Adjust the live subscriber counter

To customize the live subscriber counter to your liking, simply right-click on Subscribers in the Sources section below. Next, choose the Filters option from the dropdown menu.


Add-Live-Subscriber-Count-To-OBS (5)

In the newly opened window, click on the “+” (Plus icon) below and choose the “Crop/Pad” option from the menu.

Boost Your OBS Stream with a Live Subscriber Counter!

Now, input the Left value as 175, the Top value as 200, the Right value as 175, and the Bottom value as 280. After entering these values, the subscriber count should become visible. If it doesn’t, adjust the values slightly to achieve the desired result.


Add-Live-Subscriber-Count-To-OBS (7)

To also change the background, simply click on the Plus “+” icon once more and choose the Chroma Key option.

Add-Live-Subscriber-Count-To-OBS (8)

Now, navigate to the Key Color Type drop-down menu. Choose the Custom option, click on the Select Color button, and pick a colour that suits your preference.


Add-Live-Subscriber-Count-To-OBS (9)

Finally, you can adjust a few chroma key settings to get the colours right.


This method offers a simple and direct approach to incorporating a live subscriber count into your OBS stream, tailored for a seamless fit. For those who stream regularly, this technique allows you to save the template for future use, enabling you to consistently display your growing audience size in real time during your streams!

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