UMIDIGI C2 Firmware

Are you looking for a reliable source to download the latest firmware for your UMIDIGI C2? Look no further as we have got you covered with this comprehensive guide on the UMIDIGI C2 firmware stock ROM.



The UMIDIGI C2 is an exciting new smartphone from UMIDIGI. It features a 5.7-inch HD+ display, a powerful quad-core processor, an impressive 8MP rear camera, and a long-lasting battery. With its sleek design, the UMIDIGI C2 is a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish and modern smartphone.

The 5.7-inch HD+ display on the UMIDIGI C2 offers plenty of screen real estate for viewing content. The display also features an 18:9 aspect ratio, which makes it great for watching movies or playing games. And, with its 1280 x 720 resolution, the display is sure to deliver a clear and crisp picture.

Under the hood, the UMIDIGI C2 is powered by a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. This combination provides the phone with plenty of power for running apps and multitasking. The phone also comes with 16GB of internal storage, which can be expanded with a microSD card.

The UMIDIGI C2 comes with an 8MP rear camera. The camera is capable of capturing beautiful images, thanks to its large aperture and advanced image processing algorithms. Additionally, the camera also features a fast autofocus system that can capture stunning shots even in low-light conditions.

Finally, the UMIDIGI C2 comes with a long-lasting battery. The 3000mAh battery can easily last through a full day of use, and it can be recharged quickly with the included fast-charging technology.

Overall, the UMIDIGI C2 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish and modern smartphone. It features a large display, a powerful processor, a great camera, and a long-lasting battery. It’s sure to be a hit with anyone who needs a reliable and powerful smartphone.

Benefits of Updating Your Firmware

Keeping your device’s firmware up to date is essential to ensure its optimal performance. Updating the firmware can fix bugs and glitches, improve the device’s speed and battery life, and add new features.

Prerequisites for Updating Your Firmware

Before updating your firmware, it is important to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and information ready. This includes a reliable computer, a USB cable, the correct firmware file for your device, and a basic understanding of how to use firmware update tools.

  • Charge your mobile: Your phone may no less than a half charge.
  • Laptop or PC: To execute this installation, you must use a PC or Laptop.
  •  Take Full Backup

Before going to install stock ROM you need to take a backup of all your messages, photos, and apps from your smartphone.

Most smartphones automatically make a backup in the background. But to make sure you take everything to your new device, you need a full backup.

How To Backup Android Phone Before Flashing Stock Firmware

  • Download UMIDIGI C2 Flash Tool And Drivers:
  • A.  Download and install UMIDIGI C2 Drivers. The necessary communication between your device and PC.

These drivers are mainly for the devices powered by the MediaTek chipset. With these drivers, you can transfer files, flash the firmware files on the device, etc.

  • B. We use the Sp flash tool as UMIDIGI C2 because this tool is very efficient and support all kind of MTK phones.

Downloading the Correct Firmware for Your Device

The first step in updating your firmware is to make sure that you have the correct firmware file for your device. This can usually be found on the manufacturer’s website. In this case, you can download the firmware file for the UMIDIGI C2 from the official website.

Firmware Information:

Device Name: UMIDIGI C2
ROM Type: Full ROM
SoC: Mediatek MT8766
OS: Android 12
Password: Null
Root Access: No
Region: check below list

Available Firmware:

Updating Your Firmware Using a Firmware Update Tool

Once you have downloaded the correct firmware file, you can use a firmware update tool to update your device. There are several firmware update tools available, and the specific steps to use them may vary. However, the general steps are as follows:

1. First of all Download the ‘UMIDIGI C2 flash file zip‘ which is given above and extract it on your computer’s desktop. Also, download and extract the sp flash tool.

2. Then download the USB driver and set up it on your computer. In case you have already installed the USB driver on your computer skip this step.

3. Next, switch off your smartphone and take away the battery (if it is removable).

4. Now go to the sp flash tool extract folder and launch it.

5. As soon as the SP Flash tool is launched, click on the Download tab.

6. Now, click on the Scatter-loading button within the download tab.

Load Scatter File

7. Choose the scatter file from the firmware extract folder.

8. Now click on the Download button to start the flashing process.

9. Next, connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable (without battery – if the battery is removable) and press the volume up or volume down button at the same time.

10. The flashing process will start momentarily, and it’ll get accomplished in a minute or two.

As soon as it’s over, you will notice the Download OK green ring in SP Flash Tool.

Now, close the SP Flash tool and unplug your smartphone.

That’s it. Now you’ve successfully flashed stock ROM on your Multilaser F Pro S118.

Follow Detailed Instruction To Flash Firmware With Sp Flash Tool

Common Issues and Solutions During the Firmware Update Process

Although the firmware update process is generally straightforward, there may be issues that arise during the process. Some of the most common issues and their solutions are:

  1. Device not detected by the firmware update tool: Make sure that your device is properly connected to your computer and that the USB cable is working properly.
  2. If the update process is stuck or takes too long: Try restarting your device and the firmware update tool and then retrying the update process.
  3. Update fails: This can be caused by several factors, including a faulty firmware file, a problem with the firmware update tool, or a problem with your device. Try downloading a different firmware file, using a different firmware update tool, or contacting the manufacturer for assistance.


In conclusion, updating the firmware for your UMIDIGI C2 is an essential step to ensure its optimal performance. With this comprehensive guide, you should have all the information you need to successfully update your firmware. If you encounter any issues during the process, refer to the common issues and solutions section for assistance.


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