MediaTek Stock ROMs Flash Using SP Flash Tool

How to Use SP Flash Tool to Flash Stock ROM on MediaTek Android Devices

The SP Flash Tool (Smart Phone Flash Tool) for MediaTek Android devices is available for download from this page. This applies to all previous versions as well as the most recent one, v5.2020. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how to use SP Flash Tool to flash stock firmware on MediaTek (MTK) Android phones and tablets to upgrade or downgrade the operating system or to fix a device that has been bricked.

Regardless of the manufacturer (OEM) or hardware requirements of Android smartphones and tablets, we cover a lot of tutorials on software modding on this website. All of these tutorials have one thing in common: they all run the risk of bricking your device. Naturally, when you attempt to flash your device, you are essentially tinkering with its software, which is largely to blame for its current state of operation.

Therefore, you run the risk of bricking your device if you flash the wrong file or make a mistake while following the developers’ or our own instructions. This is referred to as a “brick.”

Many different Android OEMs, including Samsung, Nokia, Realme, LG, Xiaomi, etc., have some kind of Firmware Flashing Software, also referred to as a “Flash Tool,” available for their devices.

These Flash Tools’ main function is to enable users to flash stock firmware/ROM on the corresponding OEM devices in order to unbrick them and return them to their factory settings. But only their own OEM products are compatible with the tools from all these different manufacturers.

What happens if the maker of your device doesn’t provide such a flash tool? Without the ability to perform a self-repair, you would likely be stuck with your bricked device. Well, maybe not always. The SP Flash Tool can be used in this situation.

The SP Flash Tool: What is it?

An Android device with a MediaTek (MTK) chipset can be flashed with firmware files using the SP Flash Tool (Smart Phone Flash Tool), a software program for Windows and Linux. It is used to manually upgrade or downgrade the Android operating system in addition to flashing the stock ROM to fix boot loops and unbrick devices. By flashing unofficial binaries such as a boot image with the Magisk patched, a custom recovery such as TWRP, etc., users could also use this tool to install a custom recovery or root their MediaTek Android device.

With the help of this flash tool, devices with MT62xx, MT65xx, MT67xx, and MT68xx chipsets can be flashed. It is very similar to the Qualcomm chipset device’s flash tool, known as the QPST.

Features of SP Flash Tool

The flash tool not only facilitates firmware flashing but also offers a list of other advanced features that could come in handy when working with the software on MediaTek devices. These features are:

  • Format: Perform automatic or manual formatting of the phone’s NAND, EMMC, or SDMMC flash memory.
  • Download: Download/flash the stock firmware file to the phone to upgrade, unbrick, or downgrade the software.
  • Memory Test: Perform a RAM test on the phone to verify the memory storage, type, and RAM.
  • Readback: Perform a readback to get the full length of individual partition blocks of a MediaTek device. Extremely useful for creating a Scatter TXT file and full ROM backups.

Pre Requirements Stock ROMs Flash Using SP Flash Tool

  • SP Flash tool – Download it here
  • Android ADB drivers – Download it here
  • Stock or Custom Rom you want to flash on your Smartphone. Make sure you download the exact ROM of your phone
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer 5. USB Cable for communicating between PC and Smartphones.

Must Read:

Step 1: Download and install Android CDC Driver on your computer. In case Android CDC Driver is already installed on the computer then SKIP this step.

usb logo

Step 2Power Off your Mediatek Device and remove the Battery (if it is removable).

Power Off Android Device

Step 3: Download the Stock ROM of your Mediatek Device and extract it on the computer (you can find Stock ROM on our Stock Firmware or through Google).


Step 4: Download and Extract SP Flash Tool on the computer. Once SP Flash Tool is extracted, you will be able to see the following files:

SP Flash Tool Extracted Files

Step 5: Now, Open flash_tool.exe to launch the tool.

Open SP Flash Tool

Step 6: Once SP Flash Tool is launched, Click on the Scatter-Loading Button.SP Flash Tool Scatter Loading

Step 7: Now, Locate the Scatter File (you can find the scatter file in the Stock ROM of your device).SP Flash Tool Select Scatter

Step 8: Now, Untick the Preloader option (flashing the preloader.bin can brick the device).

SP Flash Tool Untick Preloader

Step 9: Click on the Download Button to Begin the Flashing Process.

SP Flash Tool Download

Step 10Connect your Mediatek Device to the Computer using the USB Cable (make sure it is powered off). After connecting the device to the computer Press the Volume Down or Volume Up key, so that SP Flash Tool can detect the device.

Mobile Connected Computer

Step 11: Once the Computer detects your Device, the Flashing process will Start Automatically.

SP Flash Tool Flashing

Step 12: Once the Flashing Process is completed, a Green Ring will appear at the End.

SP Flash Tool Green Tick

Step 13: Now, Close the SP Flash Tool on the computer and Disconnect the Device.

Congratulations! You Just learned to Flash or install Stock Firmware on Mediatek Devices.

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