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An Easy Way to Determine Whether Your Smartphone Supports Project Treble

Every year, it appears that OEMs have pushed the latest iteration of Android OS to the greatest number of eligible devices via OTA upgrades in the last few years. It not only promotes the popularity and distribution of Android OS among consumers, but it also plays a vital role in delivering firmware updates much faster than before, owing to Project Treble. But, is there a quick way to see if your smartphone supports Project Treble?

The correct response is “Yes.” Project Treble is a low-level change in the Android platform that has been implemented so far. However, this change has had a significant influence on the ability to provide software updates (both Android updates and security patches) to the majority of devices that are eligible for them more quickly and at a cheaper cost (from the perspective of the OEM). Because of the support provided by Project Treble, the vendor implementation of Android can be effectively divorced from the Android foundation, allowing developers to create more and more custom ROMs.

What is Android’s Project Treble?

Google added the Project Treble feature to the Android 8.0 (Oreo) operating system a few years ago. This design has made it possible for OEMs to update Android on devices they support faster than ever before, which is a big plus. In another way, Project Treble rebuilds the design so that the OS framework and device-specific software (implemented by the vendor) are kept separate.

Due to this separation, the Android OS framework now ensures backward compatibility with the vendor implementation for up to 3 versions, excluding GSI (Generic System Image) support from AOSP sources. While Google made it mandatory for OEMs to release Android devices with the new version of the Android OS, the devices had to be compatible with GSIs.

A simple way to see if your phone works with Project Treble

If your device is running Android 8.0 Oreo or a later version, then it automatically supports the Project Treble functionality. This is the case regardless of whether or not you actually use it. On the other hand, even if your device does not support Project Treble for whatever reason, it is not difficult to manually update custom firmware that is compatible with Treble. So, how exactly do you test whether or not your Android smartphone is compatible with Project Treble? Let’s find out, shall we?


Launch the application for the Google Play Store on your mobile device. Perform a search for Project Treble and navigate to the preview page for the ‘Project Check – Treble Compatibility Checking App’. [Click on the link to go straight to the page where you can preview the app.]

Project Treble

  • When you are ready, select ‘Install’ from the menu at the top of the app preview screen.
  • Permit the app to be downloaded and installed on your gadget.
  • When you are finished, return to the Play Store website and select ‘Open’ from the menu.

An Easy Way to Determine Whether Your Smartphone Supports Project Treble | Sunday, Feb 25 2024 10:57PM

  • Whether or whether your mobile device supports Project Treble will be immediately communicated to you via the app.

In addition to this, it will inform you whether or not your device is compatible with Seamless System Updates. On the other hand, you will be aware of the CPU architecture of your device, in addition to whether or not it supports the System-as-root configuration.

It can be summed up in that simple phrase. Does not call for any form of further access or procedure of any kind.

That wraps things up, gentlemen. We hope that you found this tutorial to be helpful. You are welcome to leave a remark below if you have any further questions.


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