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Samsung Galaxy Phone Quick Share – How to use it

Any device you use will benefit from file sharing, regardless of the device you are using. It is possible to share files with many devices using various file-sharing tools. Samsung’s Quick Share is a popular sharing tool. Samsung Galaxy owners will find this helpful guide. You will find everything about Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy phones here.

How does Quick Share work?

In addition to being available on Galaxy devices, Samsung’s file-sharing app is also available on Windows PCs. Wireless file sharing between multiple devices was possible with the service. In some ways, it is similar to Nearby Share. However, it is more practical and optimized for Samsung devices. Additionally, users can share files with distant friends and family using Quick Share.

With the release of Quick Share in 2020, Samsung has made a lot of improvements to it. Those who own Samsung devices will find it very useful since it simplifies the sharing process. There are many kinds of files you can share from your device, including images, documents, videos, etc.

How fast is Quick Share?

That’s right, it’s pretty fast. There was a difference in results between Nearby Share and Quick Share every time I tested them. Nearby Share and Quick Share take the lead at different times. In terms of speed, Quick Share is equivalent to Nearby Share. Depending on the device and the traffic, the rate can vary.

Enabling Quick Share

You need to enable Quick Share before you can send or receive files. You can enable it in a matter of seconds.


Step 1:

The Quick Panel can be accessed on your phone by swiping down twice. From the top right corner, swipe down once if you have updated to One UI 6.

Step 2:

You can now see more quick options by swiping to the left. No need to swipe if it’s on the first page.

Step 3:

If you wish, you can choose between contacts only or Anyone nearby based on your requirements by tapping the Quick Share icon.

Enabling Quick Share

It’s that simple. Turning off Quick Share is the same process as turning it on. The Quick Share application now allows you to share and receive files. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Sending files using Quick Share

Using the steps above, the receiver must enable Quick Share.

Step 1:

  • Go to the File Manager or Gallery and select the file You wish to share.

Step 2:

  • Tap on the file long enough to select it and show the possible actions to be taken. All files should be selected if you wish to share multiple files.

Sending files using Quick Share

Step 3:

  • The next step is to tap the Share option. Choose Quick Share from the options that are available for sharing.

Step 4:

  • Quick share-enabled devices will be searched for nearby. Send the files to the device of your choice.

Quick share-enabled devices

Step 5:

  • It will appear as a pop-up on the receiver’s screen. The file sharing will begin as soon as they accept it. Depending on the size of the files, it may take some time.

This is how you can share files using Quick Share on your phone. There is a separate guide I have shared if you want to share files between a Windows PC and a phone using Quick Share.

How to Share Files with Contacts using Quick Share

Using this or the next two methods is a good choice if you have contacts with Galaxy phones and they live far away. However, this method is quite easy compared to the other two. This method requires internet access for both you and your contact.

Step 1:

  • On your phone, open the Gallery or File Manager.

Step 2:

  • Then, choose the Share option after selecting the files you want to send.

selecting the files you want to send.

Step 3:

  • Now select Quick Share.

Step 4:

  • Choose the contact you want to share the file with from the Quick Share page, then tap View Contacts or All Contacts.

Quick Share page

Step 5:

  • When sent, you will receive a notification. In addition, the receiver will receive a notification that they can open and download the shared files.

I will also share two methods you can use if your sender and receiver are far apart. Both methods are compatible with Galaxy and non-Galaxy devices.

How to Quick Share from Samsung to iPhone

What do you think? Transferring files between your phone and iPhone is possible with Quick Share. However, both the sender and receiver must have an active internet connection. To download files on an iPhone, you will need Internet data. Senders must be logged in to Samsung accounts on their Galaxy devices.

In addition to Galaxy devices, this also works with non-Galaxy devices.

Step 1:

  • Select the files you want to share from the File Manager or Gallery.

Step 2:

  • When you tap the Share icon, you will see a list of options. Choose Quick Share from the list.

Step 3:

  • Tap the QR code icon on the next page

QR code

Step 4:

  • There will be a QR code displayed. The QR Code can be scanned by iPhone users or other non-Galaxy device users to download the files. The QR code can be sent if the recipient is far away.

With this service, you can create temporary links to share online or with multiple users. It will expire in a few days since this is a temporary link.

Each link can share a maximum of 5GB per day. A maximum of 5GB can be included in a link in one day.

With Quick Share, you can create links rather easily and send files in the same way as described above.

Step 1:

  • Ensure that your Samsung account is logged in on your device. The sender and receiver must both have Internet access.

Step 2:

On your Samsung phone, open the File Manager of the Gallery app. To share a file with a link, go to the file you want to share.

Step 3:

  • Tap the file long enough, and a bunch of options will appear. Share all the files you want.

Share all the files you want.

Step 4:

  • From the options menu, tap Share, followed by Quick Share.

Step 5:

  • You can ignore it and tap on the QR code icon instead.

Step 6:

  • By clicking this, you can share a QR code along with a link.

share a QR code along with a link.

Your shared files can be downloaded by using this link. Additionally, they do not need to own a Galaxy phone or be near the sender. As long as they have the link, anyone can download shared files.

Where to Find Files received through Quick Share

Where are the shared files stored? Upon receiving them, you can open them, but what if you want to open them later? It’s also hard to find files in the file manager if you don’t know where they are located, and it could be time-consuming.

/Internal Storage/Download/Quick Share

Files shared through Quick Share are saved in the Quick Share folder under Download. You can also access these files from the Gallery if they are media files. The only thing you need to do is navigate to the Quick Share folder in File Manager. If you have downloaded many items after receiving these files, the files might be buried at the bottom.

The following is a complete guide to Samsung’s Quick Share. How do you use Quick Share on your phone? Do you use a different method for sharing files? Comment below and let us know what you think

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