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It finally happened, after several years of ups and downs, Google Stadia is officially closed. Google’s streaming game service didn’t catch on as well as others, so the company decided to take it down. However, Google did not forget the investment that many of its users made when acquiring control of its platform. How to continue using the Google Stadia controller

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Why do we say it? Because they decided to turn it into a traditional Bluetooth controller for PCs and mobiles. This is an idea that will surely sound great if you have one of these controls at home, but you are probably wondering the following: how the hell do you enable Bluetooth? It is normal that you do not know, but we will help you in this regard in this tutorial on how to activate the Bluetooth of the Google Stadia controller.

Update your Google Stadia Controller to activate Bluetooth support

Google Stadia Controller to activate Bluetooth support

If you have a Google Stadia controller at home, you will know that it is connected to the devices in two ways: through a WiFi network or using a USB cable, although always with the Google Stadia app as an intermediary. However, Google announced that now your controller will receive a new Bluetooth mode to connect with computers and mobile devices, after the closure of Stadia.

How is this possible if the Stadia Controller has never been connected via Bluetooth? Simple, this interface was only blocked by software, although the necessary hardware was there. The new firmware unlocks the Bluetooth LE connection, but for this, you will have to update the controller manually.

We’ll show you how to do it, but you should know a few things before you jump to the new firmware :

  • The change is permanent, so you will not be able to return to WiFi mode later (the USB connection is maintained)
  • You will only be able to enable Bluetooth mode until December 31, 2023, after which Google will cancel the updated website.
  • Your device must support Bluetooth LE to recognize the controller and be able to connect to it.
  • The name with which your computer will recognize the controller will change during the update process. To avoid confusion, we recommend you disconnect any other device and just have the controller.

Knowing these things, we move on to the procedure to enable Bluetooth mode on your Google Stadia controller. It is a bit long and tedious process, so be prepared in advance.

How to enable the Bluetooth connection on your Google Stadia controller

  1. Open the Google Stadia Controller update page (requires Google Chrome 108 or higher).
  2. Press the “Switch to Bluetooth mode” button.
  3. Tap the “Get Started” button in the “Switch to Bluetooth Mode” section.
  4. Accept Google’s terms of service and confirm that you want to get started.
  5. Connect the controller to your PC via USB (must have charging) then tap ‘continue’.
  6. Press the “Allow Chrome to verify ” button.
  7. Select your Stadia Controller in the popup that opened in Google Chrome.
  8. Tap the “Connect” button to have Chrome verify your controller.
  9. Once verified, press “Next Step” to start the unlock.
  10. In the unlock window, follow the steps indicated on the Stadia website, which are as follows:
    • Disconnect the controller from the USB to turn it off.
    • Hold down the three dots button while reconnecting.
    • After connecting, simultaneously press the following buttons on the Stadia Controller: Three dots + Google Assistant + A + Y.
  11. The controller will reconnect to the computer, but this time ready to update.
  12. Press the “Next Step” button.
  13. Click on the “Allow Chrome download” button.
  14. Select your controller in the pop-up window and then “Connect”.
  15. It will start downloading the new firmware with Bluetooth mode, press “Next Step” when finished.
  16. Now comes the installation of the update, tap on “Allow Chrome to install”.
  17. Select your controller again in the Chrome popup window.
  18. Confirm the controller connection once more.
  19. Wait for the new firmware to be installed (the process takes a maximum of 2 minutes).
  20. Once the update is installed, your controller is ready to be used via Bluetooth.

How to connect your Google Stadia controller via Bluetooth and what devices are compatible?

connect your Google Stadia controller via Bluetooth

Now that the Bluetooth mode is activated on your controller, it only remains to know how and what to connect it toright?

To enable Bluetooth search on your controller and pair it to other devices, you just have to keep the Stadia + Y buttons pressed for 2 seconds. Once you do, your controller will be visible and you can pair it like any other Bluetooth accessory or gadget.

What devices are compatible with the Google Stadia Controller? The following:

  • Windows 10 or 11 computers (games on Steam are fully supported).
  • Computers with MacOS 13 (games on Steam are fully supported).
  • Chromebooks and other ChromeOS devices.
  • Android phones and tablets.
  • Linux devices, such as the Steam Deck.

oh! And remember what we mentioned earlier: the host device must support Bluetooth LE in order to connect the Stadia Controller to it. Although you can always opt for the USB connection, anyway.

Are you ready to continue gaming with your Google Stadia controller? Thousands of games are waiting for you on your mobile or computer. Can you tell us in the comment box if this tutorial helped you?

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