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Useful apps for blind or visually impaired people

Solutions with apps for those who have an eye disease

There are many types of eye diseases, and they manifest themselves through different symptoms such as blurred vision, eye fatigue, dry eyes … In any case, technology has solutions for all these cases, and we can find the following:

  • color blindness: in this case, we can use apps that allow us to recognize the colors that we do not perceive, as well as others designed for people who are not color blind to put themselves in their shoes.
  • Myopia: Myopia is a disorder that has blurred perception and it is difficult to focus on objects that are at a certain distance. For this, we can do tests that allow us to know our degree of myopia, in addition to others that send us notifications if we are very close to the screen.
  • Hyperopia and Presbyopia: These diseases show us blurry near objects, so we cannot focus properly. Some apps allow us to zoom in on the words and images, change the brightness and contrast of the images to focus them correctly.

Apps if you are blind or blind

Lazarillo Accessible GPS App

This app seeks to give better accessibility to blind people or people with an advanced level of blindness in their day to day, both on the street and in closed places. His way of exploration alerts you at all times where we are and what is around us, such as stores and shops of all kinds. It also notifies us of places near our position and the intersections of all the streets where we travel to improve mobility. On the other hand, you can search for certain places by categories and plan a route to reach the destination on foot, by public transport or in taxis, among others. In addition, its system of alerts will notify us at all times where we are traveling.

Lazzus: blind GPS assistant

Lazzus works quite similar to the previous application. Quickly create routes for blind people, offering the fastest and safest alternatives. On the other hand, its geolocation system alerts you at all times of where you are, and notifies you about crossings, zebra crossings and stairs so that you are always alert. Includes two modes, one of 360º if we take it in the pocket that recognizes in a radius near you in all directions and gives you the data you want to know, and the way flashlight, which tells you everything in the direction you are going.

Brailliac: Braille Tutor

braille appWith this tutor, you will learn the language quickly, freely, and fun braille regardless of your visual ability. Beyond including all the letters, you have access to everything you need to learn to read. His way of practice teaches you everything you need to know about braille. The mode challenge will put you to the test, and you can even run competitions with your friends. On the other hand, his way of translation It will allow you to translate comic phrases from your language to Braille, or vice versa. As you level up, you will unlock new features. The Languages that include are English, Czech, Swedish, Slovak, Tamil, and Spanish.

Storytel: Audiobooks and Ebooks


With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, it is an application for lovers of reading. You can listen to the best audiobooks on your own mobile with more than 1,000 Titles. In addition, you can do it unlimitedly and at any time. It allows you to download them to read them in mode offline. Includes audiobooks classics, best sellers, and news of launches. Also, you can activate notifications for when new titles come out, and add notes Y markers personalized to never get lost. You have a 14-day trial version, so to enjoy the service beyond the period you will have to subscribe.

Be my eyes

Be my eyes seeks to collaborate and improve the lives of blind people. People without vision problems can help the blind through the cameras of their phones. When the connection between the two is established, the assistant will contact with these people and will guide you through the rear camera of your phone, as if they were your own eyes. You can notify him of the expiration date of a product, help him to combine clothes, or know where he left an object. If at any given moment you cannot help a person, they will automatically contact another available volunteer. It is available in multiple languages.

Apps for people with other vision problems


This application is intended for people with presbyopia Y tired sight. Its goal is to eliminate dependence on reading glasses by improving the image processing function of our brain. To do this, the user must perform sessions of 12 minutes a day from different training to improve the way the brain processes images. With them, we will also improve our attention and recognition of figures. Includes the first evaluation of sight and a free trial version of one week, so if we want to fully enjoy the app, we must subscribe.

Chromatic Vision Simulator

chromatic vision app

This application will be of great help to people colorblind. Show a simulated video in real-time through the camera of our device with different filters, allowing us to know all the types of color blindness that exist. In this way, we will be able to know how these people perceive them and the difficulties that arise when identifying two or more colors. The app was developed through an investigation in color science by different countries. On the other hand, it is also recommended for artists, designers, or dressmakers to treat colors more carefully.

Eye Care Plus

eye care plus appEye Care Plus improves our eye health through different exercises. When you start the app, it will ask you about your visual problems for suggestions and personalized training to create a habit. The first category of exercises consists of fifteen tests that we can complete daily, as people with dry eyes, cataracts, or astigmatism. Their exams vision systems are very useful for patients with blurred vision, eyestrain, or macular degeneration. Finally, it also includes 20 types of training aimed at improving vision by relaxing the muscles of your eyes, strengthening them, improving blood circulation and reducing fatigue.

A Blind Legend

In this game, our ears will replace our eyes. Its objective is to provide us with a sensory experience in which hearing it will be essential to not die trying, and it will also help increase public awareness of these types of disabilities. It is necessary to put on headphones to hear everything clearly since the ear will be our only ally. you will start as Edward Blake, a famous blind gentleman. Your objective is to find the way to reach the Kingdom of the Great Castle, for which you will have to face your enemies and pass tests and traps until you reach your destination.

I Have Low Vision – Simulator

And we finish the list with this simulator that shows us the different symptoms that cause vision problems. Through virtual reality, everyone can experience and understand how they see the environment and the difficulties that a person has with low vision, a lesser degree of blindness. It is a useful tool both for different vision professionals, as well as for those affected themselves in order to improve the quality of life of these people.

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