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Realme 8 covers to protect it from bumps and scratches

covers to protect it from bumps and scratches - Realme 8 covers to protect it from bumps and scratches

It is undoubtedly one of the motives of the moment, the Realme 8. A terminal that can boast in each of its facets of having first-rate features, as evidenced by its great popularity. A phone that if you decide to get it you will have to protect like gold in cloth with one of these covers.

There are dozens and even hundreds of different covers for our mobiles, depending on the use that we are going to give them, we can find them with characteristics that are more adapted to our needs at all times. And that is what we are going to offer you now, a series of covers with different formats and finishes to be able to fully squeeze our new Realme 8. A series of covers that are not expensive, and that can save us from many annoyances in the day-to-day life of our phone, such as the ones that we are going to see below and that you should not miss if you have already acquired this terminal.

Rugerized With ring and magnetic

These are undoubtedly the most popular for our phones, in this case for the Realme 8, as they offer great protection against all kinds of unforeseen events, from bumps to scratches.

Realme 8 Cases

Especially in the first case, thanks to the absorbent material that it has to minimize damage from impacts. But the most interesting thing is that it also offers us a rear ring that becomes a base and a magnetic area that allows us to place it on the support of this type for vehicles.

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This model in addition to being rugged It offers us a slimmer profile than usual, being also lighter, and we have all the necessary elements.

Realme 8 Cases

Starting with integral protection, and continuing with a ring also in its central rear part, to keep the phone up. In addition, it is also magnetic to have the phone at hand in the car.

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Simulating carbon fiber

This other rugged case offers us good protection, and also a very elegant finish. Because we can enjoy a thin profile, but with an overall thickness of the case that will protect the Realme 8 very well.

Realme 8 Cases

It is also finished in a material that simulates carbon fiber, although in this case in brown, as we say quite elegant.

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Integral protection

Of course, they cannot be better defined, because the protection of these covers is completely comprehensive. In fact, it’s about two sleeves, overlapping each other magnetically.

Realme 8 Cases

When they do, the phone is not only protected on the back but also on the front. In this way, the screen is also completely protected from any problem that may arise, and blow that may occur.

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With book format Classic style

Covers of this type are also popular, and they basically differ from each other by their design. In this case, it has a classic design that imitates the appearance of black leather.

Realme 8 Cases

Inside we find a light brown leather finish. On the left side, there is a cardholder, while behind this we find a wallet. On the right is the silicone phone case, which allows us to protect the terminal, also its screen when the case is closed.

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More attractive design

This other model offers us a similar format, although its main difference is found outside. Since we have a design engraved on your material imitation leather that suits you very well.

Realme 8 Cases

It is also available in up to 16 different colors, so there is a choice based on our tastes. There is also a cardholder on the left, a wallet, and a silicone sleeve on the right. It has a position to place it as a base.

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Mirror finish

Without a doubt, this is another of the most interesting finishes, since the material that covers this case gives the feeling of authentic mirror glass.

Realme 8 Cases

This also comes finished in different colors, which can be logically adapted to the color of our phone. A cover that is also made of material not only a mirror but translucent, so if we have a screen Always on we can see the time and other data related to our phone.

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Of silicon With reinforced corners

It is one of the classic formats of silicone covers. Since it offers us a transparent design, which in this case also has some thicker corners.

Realme 8 Cases

So much so that they can absorb much more energy in a hit and avoid damage to the corners, which is one of the most affected areas in common falls.

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With semi-transparent design

These covers have a specific design, and in this case, they serve as an example of everything that we can currently find with a more original look in the market.

Realme 8 Cases

This has a transparent design, but at the same time, it shows us a colorful illustration, which blends in with the rear aspect of our phone.

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Tempered glassTransparent

Without a doubt, this is one of the designs that we like the most since it allows us to show off the design of our mobile phone. It has an absorbent black silicone edge, which protects against the most common drops.

Realme 8 Cases

On the other hand, the back is made of glass, and it can be chosen in up to seven different finishes. Therefore we have a combination that is really resistant without giving up an excellent design.

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