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How to merge multiple photos together on Android

How to merge multiple photos together on Android

merge multiple photos together

Creating collages and grids with multiple photos can be very useful, whether you are a user who works with visual content or you want to create something pleasant for yourself and your family.

This type of graphics processing, with desktop tools like Photoshop, is anything but complicated to accomplish. For convenience, however, it would be better to be able to intervene directly from your Android smartphone.

How can you merge multiple photos directly from your phone? In this article we have addressed this topic, trying to select the best possible solutions.

merge multiple photos together on Android

Merge multiple photos with TinyWow

TinyWow is a free conversion tool, usable entirely from your browser, which offers complete solutions for various graphic processing. In addition to allowing you to merge multiple photos, it also offers the ability to convert files to popular formats, such as PDF or GIF.

This platform allows you to merge two images, tiling them horizontally or vertically. We are talking about an easy-to-use tool, which can also be managed from your Android smartphone without effort.

It must be said that TinyWow, however, has a limit: in its free version it does not allow you to merge more than two images at a time. In any case, you can try the tool to understand if it is worth relying on a premium subscription.

Here’s how to combine images using TinyWow:

  • Access the tool’s website ;
  • Select Add Photos ;
  • Select Upload from PC or Mobile and choose the two photos you want to merge into one;
  • Once your photos are uploaded, decide on the layout of the final image. You can arrange them to be placed vertically or horizontally by choosing the Side by Side option ;
  • TinyWow will automatically generate the collage, and once complete, you can go to Download Image to download the result to your device.

In addition to other useful tools, TinyWow also provides image editing features. In addition to format conversion, it is possible to act on image resizing or sharpening and adding filters.

Combining images with Adobe Photoshop Express

Combining images with Adobe Photoshop Express

We mentioned Photoshop a little while ago. Although the tool is not available on Android, there is a specific solution for mobile devices, namely Adobe Photoshop Express.

Thanks to this tool you can experiment with various layouts and combine multiple images. The app also provides further advanced editing options, with a tool that therefore proves to be versatile and of great value (after all, we are talking about Adobe).

You can create an Adobe account when you first launch the app or use one if you already have one. Regardless, here’s how to merge multiple photos with Photoshop Express:

  • Install Photoshop Express on your mobile device from the Play Store ;
  • Launch the app and log in to your Adobe account or create a new one;
  • Go to the app’s home screen and find the collage icon in the bottom right (alternatively, you can tap and hold a single image and a multiple selection tool will launch);
  • Select the images you want to merge;
  • The collage menu will open: from here select the layout in which you want to insert your images in the toolbar at the bottom;
  • Once you’ve decided on the layout, get creative by adjusting the borders, resizing and coloring the background to your liking;
  • Tap the Share icon in the top right corner;
  • Now the Save and Share screen will open – tap on it to download the photo. Alternatively, share the collage directly on social networks or manage it via other apps.

Please note: Please note that Photoshop Express places your photos in a vertical layout if you select two or three images. The app will organize them into a grid if there are four or more.

Merge multiple images with Google Photos

Keep in mind that Google Photos is also a very useful tool if you need to merge multiple images. We are talking about a service that is easy to use and already integrated into your Google account, so it is certainly one of the most valid alternatives of all those we are showing you.

To create an image grid with Google Photos follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Google Photos;
  • Tap the Library tab in the bottom menu;
  • Go to Utilities and choose Collage ;
  • Select the photos you want to combine: Google Photos allows you to combine up to 6 images with this feature;
  • Tap Create at the top right;
  • Choose Save at the bottom of the page to save the collage to your Android device.

An alternative way to create a collage via the Google Photos website requires the following steps:

  • Go to the Google Photos website and log in to your Google account;
  • Select up to 9 images ;
  • Tap the “ + ” button;
  • Select Collage from the menu that opens.

The app will generate a collage with the images you selected.

Combination with Layout From Instagram

Combination with Layout From Instagram

If you are thinking of combining multiple photos together to publish them on Instagram, the same platform can offer you the ideal tool, even if through an external app.

The app offers great features for adding filters and basic manipulation of light settings. However, if you want to combine multiple photos into one, you should use Layout from Instagram. We are talking about an external tool, capable of combining up to 10 images into a single photo, a feature that is missing from the main Instagram app.

Layout From Instagram is designed to meet the needs of the platform’s users. It’s quite simple and allows you to instantly make simple montages of multiple photos. The app allows you to work with different edits, adding frames that you can apply to each image, various composition styles, and lenses. It also includes standard Instagram filters, providing everything you need for a professional collage.

Layout mode in stories

Instagram introduced layout mode as a feature of Instagram Story. This option allows you to combine up to 6 images into a single Instagram story, offering various layouts.

You can use this feature regardless of whether you want to publish the Story in question because Instagram allows you to save drafts to your device.

To access Instagram story layout mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Instagram feed ;
  • Tap the camera icon in the top left corner to open the mode for creating new stories;
  • Choose the layout icon in the menu on the left side of the screen;
  • Import the images you want to include in the layout.

There are two ways to do this: take a new photo by clicking the round layout icon at the bottom center of the screen, or import the image from your library by tapping the square in the bottom left corner.

At this point, tap the check mark to complete adding photos to the grid and act as you like to add stickers, text, GIF files, and much more.

Manage tiled photos better on Android

Making a photo collage can be useful, both for social networks and for the pleasure of having this type of graphic work.

By collecting multiple images into one you can tell a story or they can be a nice way to keep memories. Many apps on the current market, such as TinyWow, can help you organize and combine images easily.

Despite this, remember that there are specific apps for image editing on Android, capable of providing you with many other advanced functions.


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