Create a Backup on Kodi. Keep Your Settings Safe

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Create a Backup on Kodi

The Backup addon in Kodi is a program complement where we can make a backup of our Kodi configuration. This is an extremely useful feature, as it allows users to quickly restore their Kodi configuration if they encounter any problems with their setup.

That is, we can keep the same configuration in case we have to reinstall Kodi because of an error or if we want to transfer the same configuration to another device. Keeping the same configuration allows us to have our setup and settings restored quickly, meaning less time spent having to reconfigure Kodi from scratch.

This method works on different systems, so you could back up on Windows and then restore on Android. This is very useful for those who use Kodi on multiple devices, as it allows them to quickly transfer their configuration from one device to another with little effort.

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This addon is a great solution for those who are running Kodi 18 or 19, as it supports all platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android.

Note: As Kodi users, we recommend the use of a VPN to have full access to all addons, including torrents.

How to Create a Backup on Kodi

The steps to perform the Backup on Kodi are as follows:

  • Launch Kodi.
  • Open Kodi and located it in Settings (gear icon) Engranaje.
  • Go to Add -ons and select Plugins (box icon).
  • Search for backup.

Search for backup

  • In the search results select Script – Backup.

Script – Backup

  • Click on Install and wait for the Plugin Activated notification.

Activated notification

  • Return to the Add-on menu and select Add-ons for programs > Backup.

select Add-ons

  • Open Settings and In the General tab we carry out the following configuration:

Type of Remote Route: Explore Route (later we will explain how to do it for the other alternatives).
Explore Remote Route: Here we select the place where our backup will be saved
Compress Archives: We activate it if we want to compress the file (to restore it must be uncompressed).
Backups for keep (0 for all): We select the number of backups we want to keep (we recommend 2, but it depends on your storage).
Progress Display: The type of process to perform the backup (we recommend background progress bar).

  • Go to the File Selection tab and here we select everything we want to back up.

Finally, we go to the Programming tab, in case you want to program it, enable it and select the period, click OK. If you make changes in a row, we suggest 1 or 2 times a week.

  • Return to the Backup addon, select it again and click Backup.
  • The backup will start, time will depend on the data that will be backed up.It doesn’t usually take long.

Done! Our Backup in Kodi will have been done correctly.

So this is the simple way to back up your Kodi data and files. now you are safe to do modifications. and also free to hard reset Kodi by installing Indigo Addon.

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