install Google Play Store on Windows 11

Microsoft recently released the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) for Windows 11. In other words, Microsoft’s new operating system can run Android applications without any problems. However, despite this being a great striker, it is also very limited. This is because only 50 titles are available on the Amazon Web Store. However, to get around this it is possible to manually load applications. We will already explain how it is done. However, people want more immediate things and the best solution for this is installing the Google Play Store in Windows 11. Something that is already possible, together with Google Play Services thanks to a programmer.

Google Play Store can now be installed on Windows 11!

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This feat was achieved by a programmer who goes by the name of ADeltaX. Installed all the necessary components and everything was working. It’s that even Google Maps, Photos and other apps from the search engine giant work.

However, to help anyone who wants to do this, he left all the necessary files and instructions on GitHub.

How to install any Android app on Windows without Play Store.

Let’s start with the requirements that are necessary for Android apps to work on Windows 11.

install any Android app on Windows without Play Store

Right from the start, the PC must be running Windows 11 and more specifically with build Build, or higher.

Then we need to have virtualization enabled in the BIOS . We’ll explain in another article how you can do this.

However our PC’s region must be set to the United States.

In addition, you must be registered as Windows Insider and subscribe to the Beta channel. At this point in the championship and considering that so many people have done it to preinstall Windows 11 this shouldn’t be complicated.

You will also need to create an American Amazon account to access the Amazon Web Store.

With all this you have to follow this link to download the Amazon App Store. However when installing an Android app the Android subsystem for Windows will be installed.

Install any Android app on Windows

Initially, and as we only have access to about 50 apps, it is undoubtedly worth resorting to external APKs to put all the applications we want on Windows.

If you already have the Android subsystem installed on Windows, now it’s time to download the SDK Platform Tools. So check this link and download the Platform-Tools SDK for Windows.

SDK Platform Tools

Then launch Windows Subsystem for Android and activate Developer Mode, or if you prefer, the mode for programmers.

Note the IP address that appears in Windows Subsystem for Android. If not, click on Refresh.

Now launch the terminal and navigate to the Windows Subsystem for Android folder you downloaded.

Download the APK you want to install on Windows and place it in that folder.

In the terminal enter the following command:

.\adb.exe connect

Note that you should replace with the IP address that Windows Subsystem for Android gave you.

Once the connection has been established then type this command into the terminal now.

.\adb.exe install ‘ apkname.apk ‘

Note that the apkname must be replaced by the name of the app you downloaded and want to install on Windows.

And ready to go the Android App will appear in the Start menu.

Note that as the MSPowerUser website mentions and very well some apps that rely exclusively on Google services may not work.