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February, 2024

  • 21 February

    Windows 11 Wallpapers [4K Resolution] – Download

    Windows 11 Wallpapers

    There are an array of aesthetically pleasing wallpapers available in the most recent version of Windows OS, Windows 11, in addition to the option of infinite customization. The feature-packed Windows 11 comes with thirty-one gorgeous wallpapers, which are now available for download. Enjoy Downloading Windows 11 Wallpapers on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Windows 11 Wallpapers It has always been …

September, 2023

  • 4 September

    Enable and Disable Flashing On Taskbar Apps In Windows 11

    Disable Flashing on Taskbar Apps

    In the Windows operating system, sometimes apps need to alert users of important info. This is done through taskbar pop-ups, which cover the full screen and flash until you either click on them or dismiss them. It can be very annoying when you have to deal with a lot of taskbar pop-ups in a short period of time. We will …

  • 4 September

    Setup EDL Drivers on Windows 11 : Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008

    Setup EDL Drivers on Windows 11

    Installing the EDL drivers Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 will allow you to make a custom recovery on your Windows 11 PC. This method is not only much safer than the previous one but also faster and easier. If your Oneplus is bricked and it cannot be accessed via Fastboot Mode, then you can use the Emergency Download Mode and flash …

May, 2023

  • 22 May

    How to Flush DNS Cache in Windows 11

    Flush DNS Cache in Windows 11

    DNS caching is an essential part of how the internet works, allowing Windows 11 to access websites and services faster. However, in certain situations, it may be necessary to flush the DNS cache to resolve connection issues or update DNS information. In this guide, you will learn step by step how to flush the DNS cache in Windows 11, either through …

  • 1 May

    How to Reset Audio Settings on Windows 11

    Reset Audio Settings on Windows 11

    The audio component of any device is essential. It would be impossible to enjoy viewing or consuming this type of content without audio. Microsoft has recently released Windows 11, which features a very good number of settings, especially those related to audio. You can easily undo all of the changes you made to your PC’s audio output if the audio …

April, 2023

  • 17 April

    How to Install Google USB Driver On Windows

    Install Google USB Driver On Windows

    If you own a Google Pixel or Nexus phone and want to connect it to a PC, you will need to download the Google USB Driver for Windows 11/10/8/7. One of the utility tools required to connect or operate phones with computers is a USB driver. Previously, we shared Installing Fastboot Drivers in Windows, and now the Google Pixel is …

March, 2023

  • 25 March

    Guide: Installing Fastboot Drivers in Windows

    Fastboot Drivers in Windows

    Fastboot mode is a necessity if you’re an advanced Android user. It allows you to flash custom ROMs, kernels, and recovery images, as well as perform other advanced tasks that are not possible in regular Android mode. However, it should be used with caution as any mistake can potentially brick your device. However, you must have Fastboot drivers set up …

  • 12 March

    Apply Live Wallpapers For Windows 11 [3 Diffrent Methods]

    Wallpaper Engine (Paid)

    As an operating system, Windows gives you a lot of ways to change things. You can customize the appearance of your desktop, adjust settings for performance and security, and even install third-party software to enhance your experience. However, it’s important to be cautious when making changes to ensure the stability and functionality of your system. This gives you, the user, …

  • 11 March

    How To install NodoGO app on Windows 10 and 11

    NodoGO app on Windows 10 and 11

    NodoGO is an app that has gone through many changes to get to the place it is now and has become a reference for all people looking to watch their favorite sports for free. If you are looking to increase the size of the screen and switch to the computer, here we show you how to install NodoGO on PC …

February, 2023

  • 22 February

    How to Install Windows 11 on Mac M1/M2 with Parallels Desktop

    Windows 11 on Mac M1M2 with Parallels Desktop

    Are there any Windows-exclusive apps you need to run but don’t have access to a dedicated Windows machine? If you’re still using an Intel-based Mac, Boot Camp is still a popular option, but if you’ve moved to Apple Silicon Macs, Boot Camp, a native way to run Windows on a Mac, is no longer an option. Fortunately, Microsoft has gone …

  • 21 February

    Windows 11 Context Menu Is Slow, Missing Item, and Not Working – How To Fix

    Check for Windows Updates

    Windows 11 is a new operating system that has been praised for its new features and user interface. Some people don’t like that the context menu can sometimes be slow or doesn’t show up at all. You can access commands and options related to the item you’re clicking on with the context menu, which is a common feature in the …