How to Check train schedules with Renfe app

train schedules with Renfe app

Did you download the new Renfe app and don’t know how to check the train schedules? Do not despair, here we are going to show you in a few steps how to consult this information in the blink of an eye.

It is worth mentioning that, if you previously used the app called “Renfe Timetables” to make this query, the procedure you must carry out to find out the train times in the new app is very different.

Of course, you can have both applications installed, because so far, the Renfe Timetables application continues to work correctly (we do not know when it will stop having support).

How to check the train schedules in the new Renfe application?

schedules in the new Renfe application


Before we show you the steps you have to carry out, we are obliged to leave you the download link so that you can install this new app on your mobile device.

If you have already installed it, you should follow this tutorial so that you learn to check the train schedules in Spain :

  • Open the Renfe app from your mobile device.
  • Click on the white rectangle that says “Tell us your destination.”
  • Select the train station you want to go to.
  • Therefore, you will have to choose the place from where you are going to depart (the station from where you will take the train).
  • Select the station of origin.
  • Having selected the route correctly, you must click on  Departure date”.
  • Choose the day you want to take the train.
  • Once you have chosen the day, you must click on “Accept”.
  • Click on the section that says “Passengers”.
  • Tell the app how many passengers will be traveling.
  • Having selected the passengers correctly, you will have to click on “Confirm”.
  • Click on the purple button that says “Search for trains”.
  • In seconds, Renfe will show you what is the time that the train you need to take will leave. You can click on “Details” to see the schedule of the journey.
  • Within the section called “Details of the route”, you will be able to see the different times of the trip you plan to make.
  • The app will show you all the schedules related to the route of your trip

On the other hand, if you need an app to travel through Europe by train, we recommend you download GoEuro, the best tool to get tickets and check schedules.