How to pair Haylou RS3 (LS04) smartwatch with mobile phone

Haylou RS3 (LS04) smartwatch

How to configure Haylou RS3 smartwatch on mobile. All steps to pair Haylou RS3 and configure its functionality from the app installed on the phone.

The Haylou RS3 also known as the Haylou LS04 is an excellent smartwatch. This is a line of smartwatches that is part of Xiaomi’s ecosystem. It has features that are commonly found on other brands of smartwatches. However, the biggest highlight of this model is the fact that it comes with an integrated GPS, a feature that did not exist in previous versions of the watch.

But to enjoy all these features, you still need to sync it to your phone. This is necessary so that the user can obtain more detailed information regarding their health monitoring and training data.

How to configure Haylou RS3 (LS04)

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Below, we’ll show you how to pair the Haylou RS3 via your phone’s Bluetooth so you can see phone calls, text messages, and app notifications on your watch screen.

1. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and activate the function. Now turn on the Haylou RS3 and wait for a QR Code to appear on your screen.

Bluetooth settings and activate

2. Once that’s done, install the Haylou Fun app on your phone. For Android phones go to the Play Store store or download for the iPhone (iOS) from the App Store.

Haylou Fun

3. Now open Haylou Fun and tap the icon located above (see image 1) to open the phone’s camera scanner. Then point at the watch screen to scan the QR code. The pairing between the watch and the mobile will be done automatically.

QR code

4. The process only takes a few seconds. When finished, tap “ Pair ” to finish syncing.


5. Now you will have to permit the app to manage some functions of your phone. Tap “ Allow ” on all pop-ups that appear on the screen.


If you have completed all of the above steps, the Haylou RS3 should already be connected to your phone.

Haylou RS3 smartwatch information and features

Haylou RS3 provides detailed sleep records and analysis of your workouts. Once paired with the app, you will be able to follow all records in detail. In addition to recording these details, the Haylou Fun app also provides auxiliary functions such as call reminders, SMS reminders, app reminders, etc. The main features and features of the watch are:

Monitoring and tracking:

  • SpO2 tracking
  • heart rate monitoring
  • sleep monitoring
  • sleep monitoring
  • sedentary reminder
  • breathing exercises

Battery Life: High-performance lithium battery. Basic battery life mode can last 21 days on a single charge, no need to carry a charger for travel.

  • 12 days in Daily Use Mode
  • 21 days in Basic Usage Mode
  • 21 hours with GPS enabled

Training Modes: Haylou RS3 features 14 training modes and provides professional workout reports like a personal trainer, making your workout more efficient.

  • Cooper
  • fast walk
  • Ride a bike
  • climbing
  • wiring
  • Yoga
  • indoor race
  • Integrated training
  • Fitness
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • rowing
  • Pool
  • open water swimming

Watch Faces: Haylou RS3 supports a custom watch face function. The watch dials are continually updated to suit your ever-changing style.

  • Frequently updated dials (Haylou Fun app)
  • Customizable Displays
  • Watch integrated dials

Functions and Features: Sony’s low-power GPS module can accurately locate the motion trail and the GPS can run continuously for 21 hours. Control the music played on your phone directly from the lock screen.

  • Weather forecast
  • Music control (play / pause, previous / next track)
  • Integrated GPS
  • Find phone function

Water Resistance: Haylou RS3 is waterproof rated to 5 ATM with a metal frame and integral molding shell design.

* 5 ATM water resistance. It can withstand a pressure of 50 meters deep of standing water for 10 minutes in a typical temperature environment.