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Do you want to enjoy YouTube without ads, with background playback and other premium features? Then YouTube ReVanced is the app you’ve been looking for. It is a YouTube MOD that allows you to access all the advantages of the paid subscription, but for free and without the need to root your device. In this article, we explain how to install YouTube ReVanced on your Android step by step in the easiest and fastest way.


How to install YouTube ReVanced on Android step by step

As you well know, YouTube Vanced closed for good and YouTube ReVanced was born as its natural replacement. Currently, ReVanced is the best way to enjoy the paid features of YouTube for those who cannot subscribe to the premium plan. This new application has a large community behind it, so it seems that it will be around for a long time. Here’s how to install it:

YouTube ReVanced on Android step by step

Files to download

In total, you need three files to install YouTube ReVanced on Android. Click the following links to download them:

  • MicroG – This will allow you to sign in with your Google account to YouTube ReVanced.
  • ReVanced Manager: this is the manager that will be in charge of patching and installing the YouTube ReVanced app.
  • YouTube (APK): ReVanced will convert this official YouTube APK to ReVanced (with YouTube Premium features and more).

If you’ve never downloaded anything from GitHub, here’s a tutorial on how to download a file from GitHub, although all you have to do is click on the “.apk” file that appears in the Assets tab. The latest file is easily downloaded from APKMirror by pressing the Download APK button.

Steps to install YouTube ReVanced on Android

install YouTube ReVanced on Android

Once you have downloaded the files mentioned above, follow these steps to install ReVanced on your Android:

  • Install the MicroG and ReVanced Manager APKs. Look for them in the “Downloads” folder from your mobile’s file manager and click on them to install them. Surely your browser will ask you to give it permission to install APKs, so grant it.
  • Open ReVanced Manager and go to the Patcher tab.
  • Click on Select an application.

Select an application

  • Press the Storage button that is in the lower right corner.
  • Select the previously downloaded YouTube APK.
  • Tap the Patch button in the bottom right corner.

Patch button in the bottom right corner

  • Now, wait a few minutes for ReVanced Manager to finish applying the patches and create YouTube ReVanced.
  • Press the Install button to finish. You will have to give ReVanced Manager permission to install it.

Press the Install button to finish

  • If Google Play Protect blocks the installation, tap on More details > Install anyway.
  • Once installed, the first time you open YouTube ReVanced it will ask you to sign in with your Google account, so do that to be able to use the app with your account.

Ready! In this way, YouTube ReVanced will already be installed on Android and you will be able to enjoy the advantages of YouTube Premium without paying, such as blocking ads, playing videos in the background or with the screen off, changing the theme to dark or black, adjusting video speed and resolution, turn comments and suggestions on or off, and much more.

To configure these options, you will have to click on your profile icon located in the upper right corner, then on “Settings” and finally on ” ReVanced “. There you can customize the app to your liking and enjoy an enhanced YouTube experience.

Installing YouTube ReVanced didn’t work, what do I do?

In case the installation did not work, follow these steps to try to get around this problem:

  • If “ Open ” appears on the bottom right, tap the 3 dots on the top right and select “ Export APK ”.
  • Save it in your downloads folder.
  • Now, open the file explorer of your choice, find the exported file and install it. It should be called something like “youtube-advanced-versionnumber.apk”.
  • Finally, open YouTube ReVanced and sign in with your Google account.

How to update YouTube ReVanced

Updating YouTube ReVanced is not the same as updating the official app, as it is not compatible with the Google Play Store update management. You must follow these steps to update it to the latest version:

  • Check ReVanced Manager every few days to see if any updates are available. If there is, click Update.
  • When you go to apply patches to your YouTube APK, look at the patch version that appears on the top right.
  • You most likely won’t need to patch again until there is an updated version.
  • So if it currently says the version is something like v2.143.0 and you patched that version, all is well.
  • If you open the manager a few days later and it says something like v2.146.0, then it’s probably a good idea to patch and update again.

YouTube ReVanced is a safe and legal app that does not violate YouTube’s terms of service or infringe any copyright. Also, use the official APK of YouTube and free code applications that are free of viruses (you can verify it yourself by reviewing their respective code available on GitHub).

However, you should keep in mind that by using it you are not financially supporting content creators who depend on ads to maintain their channels. For this reason, we encourage you that if you like the work of a YouTuber, you support them through other ways such as donations, memberships or merchandising.

We hope this article has been useful for you to learn how to install YouTube ReVanced on your Android and enjoy all its advantages. If you have any questions or problems, you can consult the frequently asked questions or contact the development team from the official page of the application.


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