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All GTA Vice City cheats for Android and iOS

To enhance your gaming experience on Android or iOS mobile devices, making the most of GTA Vice City cheats is key. Thus, this post will guide you through all these cheat codes and instruct you on how to implement them.

Before the release of the iconic GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City dominated the gaming landscape through the compelling world of Rockstar Games. Most likely, your childhood memories may include playing this game, doing your best to vindicate Tommy Vercetti in a city gripped by corruption, striving for power until you ruled it.

Certainly, GTA Vice City stands as one of the greatest games in the GTA franchise, despite the protagonist’s infamous limitation – the inability to swim. This meant that a quick cheat code was needed whenever you found yourself sinking in a car. We’ll be delving into this and other nuances in this post.

In this article, we’ve gathered all the GTA Vice City cheat codes you can utilize on your Android and iOS devices, providing you with game-changing advantages during your gameplay.

GTA Vice City Cheats List for Android and iOS

GTA Vice City is laden with numerous cheat codes, designed to elevate your gaming experience and offer value-added advantages.

However, undeniable is the satisfaction derived from completing the main storyline without using these codes. Once that milestone is conquered, you’re free to continue gaming, embracing the city’s chaos.

Tricks that affect the character’s health and money in GTA Vice City

  • GIVEUSPOWERTOREVENGE – You gain 150 health.
  • WOWPOWER – You gain 200 armor.
  • ICANTTAKEITANYMORE: you make the protagonist commit suicide.
  • PRECIOUSPROTECTION: You recover armor to the maximum.
  • ASPIRINE – Restores the character’s health.
  • PROGRAMMER: You change Tommy’s legs and arms to be feminine.
  • CERTAIN DEATH: You make Tommy smoke a cigarette.
  • LOST ALL: you lose all the money.
  • DEEP: You get $1,000,000.

Weapon Cheats

Weapon Cheats

  • NUTTERTOOLS: You get the heavy weaponry.
  • THUGSTOOLS: You get the light weaponry.
  • PROFESSIONAL TOOLS: You get the medium weaponry.
  • NOTHING ENDS: you get infinite ammo.

Vehicle and driving tricks

Vehicle and driving tricks

  • MIAMITRAFFIC – City drivers become aggressive.
  • IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK: all cars are painted black.
  • AHAIRDRESSERSCAR: all cars are painted pink.
  • JUSTALITTLEFASTER – All cars have nitro.
  • GREENLIGHT: all traffic lights turn green.
  • MEGASPEED: motorcycles and cars have nitro.
  • AIRSHIP – The fastest ships can fly.
  • WHEELSAREALLINEED: you make cars invisible except for the wheels.
  • TRAVEL IN STYLE – You make the Blooding Banger car appear.
  • GETTHEREQUICKLY – You make the Blooding Banger #2 car appear.
  • BETTERTHANWALKING: You make the Golf Caddy appear.
  • GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED: You make Hotring Racer car #1 appear.
  • GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST: You make the Hotring Racer car #2 appear.
  • IWILLGETTOMARS: you make the Hunter appear.
  • AIRJUMP: You make Hunter 2 appear.
  • LETMERISEUP: you make Hunter 3 appear.
  • PANZER: You make the Rhino tank appear.
  • THE LAST RIDE: You make the funeral car appear.
  • GETTHEREFAST: You make the Saber Turbo appear.
  • RUBBISHCAR: you make the garbage truck appear.
  • ROCKANDROLLCAR: You make Love Fist’s limo appear.
  • BANG: Cars near you explode.
  • COMEFLYWITHME: Cars are capable of flying.
  • SEAWAYS – Cars can float on water and drive.
  • LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS: you increase the size of the wheels on sports cars.
  • GRIPISEVERYTHING: you get a perfect ride.

Climate and weather tricks

  • WORLDISMAD: the weather changes frantically.
  • ABITDRIEG: the clouds are getting dense.
  • CANTSEEATHING: The weather turns cloudy.
  • APLEASANTDAY: The clouds are lighter.
  • ON SPEED: you get to speed up the entire game.
  • BOOOOOORING: you make everything happen slower.
  • LIFEISPASSINGMEBY – You make game time speed up.
  • CATS AND DOGS: You make the weather stormy.
  • A LOVELY DAY: You make the weather sunny and cloudless.

Clothing tricks in GTA Vice City

Clothing tricks in GTA Vice City

  • STILLIKEDRESSINGUP: you change the character’s clothes.
  • LOLOLDISGUS: You make NPCs go without clothes.
  • ILOOKLIKEHILARY – You change characters to play as Hilary King.
  • MYSONISALAWYER – You change characters to play as Ken Rosenberg.
  • LOOKLIKELANCE – You change characters to play as Lance Vance.
  • WELOVEOURDICK – You change characters to play as Dick from Love Fist.
  • ROCKANDROLLMAN – You change characters to play Jezz Torent from Love Fist.
  • FOXYLITTLETHING – You change characters to play as Mercedes.
  • ONEARMEDBANDIT – You change characters to play as Phil Cassidy.
  • CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED – You change characters to play as Ricardo Diaz.
  • IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY – You change characters to play Sonny Forelli.

Tricks related to the search level

  • MOST WANTED: You increase the police wanted level to the maximum.
  • YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE: you raise the level of police search.
  • CHASESTAT – shows the level of media, as long as you have 2 or more search stars.
  • LEAVE ME ALONE – You remove the police wanted level.

Cheats that affect the behavior of NPCs

  • CHICKSWITHGUNS: The girls carry weapons.
  • FANNYMAGNET: You get women to chase you.
  • GOD POWER: You make NPCs carry rocket launchers.
  • NOBODY LIKES ME: You make NPCs hate you.
  • FIGHTIGHTFIGHT: you modify the behavior of NPCs and make them cause riots.
  • THEGODHASGIVEUSPOWERTOFIGHT: You make NPCs riot with weaponry.

Here are all the GTA Vice City cheat codes available for Android, crafted to provide you with a tailored gaming experience along with various benefits. However, use them sparingly, as the game is ideally enjoyed sans these codes, especially on your first playthrough.

How are cheats entered in GTA Vice City on Android and iOS?

If you’re unfamiliar, the Rockstar game series incorporates a feature that enables players to unlock special bonuses by inputting secret codes during gameplay. These codes can restore the protagonist’s health, generate extra money, alter NPC and environmental behaviour, and even allow cars to float on water, amongst other unique features.

We’ve previously discussed cheat codes for GTA San Andreas on Android and iOS, but now it’s time to focus on GTA Vice City. These secret codes offer a heightened gaming experience, one of them being a code that arms all NPCs and incites them to attack you – chaotic yet entertaining!

To enter these GTA Vice City cheats, you’ll need to connect an external keyboard to your smartphone, or utilize an overlay keyboard on your game screen. Both iOS and Android devices can accommodate Bluetooth or cable-connected keyboards.

For Android users, there’s an additional option to install a virtual keyboard which can be brought up during the game. One highly recommended virtual keyboard is the Hacker’s Keyboard, which you can download from here.

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