Realme Dialer Apk For Android 12

Realme has developed a mobile dialer application called Realme Dialer that is available for free for Android devices. It offers all the basic dialing and call handling features of a default dialler, with the added convenience of an attractive user interface, various options for customizing the look and feel of your phone’s dialer, and other useful features.

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This is a small app that could be used instead of the device’s built-in dialer.

ZenU Dialer & Contacts and OPPO COLOR OS 12 DIALER are two great apps that are similar to Realme Dialer in terms of what they can do. Even though these apps aren’t as advanced as Realme Dialer, they are still good reasons to use them instead of the default dialing app.

Benefits Of Realme Dialer


  • Realme Dialer is one of the phone dialing apps for Android that has the most features.
  • This app was made to be easy to use, and the user can change it to their taste.
  • For example, Realme Dialer allows users to set custom background images, choose between different fonts and text sizes, and choose from a variety of themes.

Recording capabilities

  • Realme Dialer is an innovative dialing app that offers the possibility of recording calls, a feature not found in most other diallers
  • Even more, the user has access to a wide range of recording options that let them record both sides of a conversation.
  • Both WAV and MP3 are high-quality file types that can be used to save recordings.
  • The utility can also work with cloud services like DropBox and Google Drive without any problems.

Distribute audio

  • Realme Dialler gives users who don’t want to use cloud storage an alternative by allowing them to send recordings by email or text message instead of storing them online.
  • Realme Dialler not only provides an alternative to cloud storage for those who prefer to keep their recordings offline but also allows users to edit and customize audio clips within certain parameters.

Powerful communication utility

  • Realme Dialer is an efficient and effective way to talk. Realme Dialer is packed with features that enable it to handle a wide range of communication tasks
  • While it offers many of the standard functions of a good call organizer and dialer, the app also includes some nice extras.

Download Realme Dialer Apk For Android 12

Realme Dialer Apk Details:

Filename: Realme_Dialer_v12.6.0.apk
  • Android 8.0,
  • Android 4.3,
  • Android 7.0,
  • Android 5.0,
  • Android 4.2,
  • Android 6.0,
  • Android 4.1.2,
  • Android 4.2.2,
  • Android 4.1,
  • Android 4.2.1,
  • Android 4.4,
  • Android 4.0,
  • Android 9.0,
  • Android 4.1.1
Language: English
License: Free
Latest update: Thursday, December 8th, 2022
Author: RealMe
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Download Realme Dialer APK for Android

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