Friday, December 3, 2021

Google Maps: How to create alerts to fill up your car while traveling

create alerts to fill up your car while traveling

If you’re planning to travel and don’t want your car to run out of fuel along the way, you can’t miss this tip. We all know that the most important part of a trip is knowing in advance when to fill up our car. Missing the opportunity to fuel it at some point during the trip can cause you a huge headache.

Using some features in the Google Maps application, we will teach you what to do to add one or more stops to fuel your car during the journey. Once everything is ready, Google Maps will be able to alert you as soon as you are approaching the gas station configured on the map. Check out the steps you should follow below:


1. To get started, make sure Cell Tracking is turned on. Then open Google Maps on your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad and search for your destination. Finally, tap the “ Start ” button .

2. After the route is established by Google Maps, you will see the magnifying glass icon above on the right side of the map, tap it to start the search.

3. Among the options displayed on the screen, tap the “ Gas stations ” icon. If you wish, you can also search for a specific gas station, the one you prefer.

4. Depending on the route selected, several gas stations will appear along your route. Scroll the route on the map and select one from the stations displayed.

However, if you are going on a very long trip, you may need to add more fueling locations to your route. To do this, calculate the distance to be covered, tank capacity, and vehicle consumption per km driven.

5. The gas station information will then be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Check the service quality rating by reading user reviews. After making sure of all this, tap “ Add stop ” or “ Cancel ”. Wait, in a few seconds, the gas station will automatically be added to your travel route.

Once that’s done, Google Maps will let you know when you approach the gas station. After stopping to refuel your car, you can continue your journey following your normal route. If you need to add another refueling point, just use the search feature and have a good trip!

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