How to activate Xiaomi’s Game Turbo mode

 activate Xiaomi's Game Turbo mode

When enabled, Game Turbo displays a menu as an icon at the bottom edge of the screen. The menu includes data regarding GPU and CPU usage, among other things. It also shows information about the use of applications that are in the pop-up mode, so they can respond to social media notifications and perform web searches.

Other features include video recording during games, a button to clear cache, and a configuration option, in which the user can discover features to customize CPU and GPU usage. It also offers the option of image customization and bandwidth management, allowing players to choose how much Internet they use while playing.

The game can be put on hold at the push of a button. When the game is put on hold, it doesn’t stop running in the background; instead, it stops instantly and stays closed until you unlock the screen again. If you don’t want to completely close the game, you can also suspend it without shutting down the system. It’s also simple to avoid notifications so you won’t be disturbed while playing.

The ability to connect to another screen is one of the most fascinating aspects. For example, the user can connect his phone to a television or a computer screen.


How to activate Xiaomi Game Turbo

How to activate Xiaomi Game Turbo

Xiaomi Game Turbo is within the settings, although they can create a shortcut on the home screen From the application settings.

The way to access is as follows:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Open Special Functions.
  3. Click on Game Turbo.

This mode has its own visual interface in which different games can be started with the settings defined in the application.

Game Turbo

high-performance mode

They can modify the smartphone’s behavior in terms of screen sensitivity in each of the games. This can make the experience much better and may get better performance on some specific titles. On the other hand, they can choose how the smartphone should behave when entering a game, configuring automatic actions such as turning off the automatic screen brightness or night mode.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to improve Wi-Fi communication and automatically reduce lag when entering a game, thanks to the high-performance settings.

floating bar

When they’re playing, they can swipe from the edge of the screen that appears shaded to display a floating Game Turbo bar, where they’ll find some shortcuts. Among them, a floating WhatsApp and Facebook window to respond to conversations without leaving the game, or quick access to the screen recording function to immortalize in your best games.

In addition to WhatsApp in ​​Game Turbo, they will also have access to a small carousel in which all applications will be available for them to open in a floating way.