Xiaomi devices have been known for their robust support in custom development, boasting compatibility with various AOSP ROMs. If you prefer sticking to the MIUI ecosystem but seek a more refined, efficient, and performance-enhanced ROM, the Xiaomi EU ROM is an excellent choice.

While offering a fast, snappy, and stable operating system, the Xiaomi EU ROM does encounter occasional challenges. A recent issue reported by several users involves difficulties in making or receiving calls on devices running this ROM.

If you face this problem, this guide presents multiple solutions to help you address the issue. Let’s explore these workarounds without delay.

Mi EU ROM: Calls Not Working

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Fix Calls not working on Xiaomi EU ROM.

We recommend trying each of the workarounds below to identify the one that resolves the issue for your Xiaomi EU ROM. However, it’s crucial to note that AMS and its members bear no responsibility for any unforeseen consequences, including but not limited to a thermonuclear war, your alarm failing to wake you up, or any potential issues with your device or data resulting from executing these steps. Proceed with caution.

1. Tweak Xiaomi EU Network Settings

Type the following codes into the Dialer app, and then carry out the associated tasks:

  • *#*#726633#*#*
    – 5G SA Network
  • *#*#34834#*#*
    – Enable “Prefer 5G” into the Preferred Network Type if unavailable.
  • *#*#4636#*#* => MIUI
    – Network Info SIM 1 and 2
  • *#*#8667#*#*
    – Enable VoNR
  • *#*#86583#*#*
    – VoLTE
  • *#*#869434#*#*
    – VoWiFi

2. Switch to 4G/LTE

In many regions, 5G networks may not be as stable as their 4G counterparts. Network delays, call drops, and interrupted data connectivity are common occurrences.

As a potential solution, consider temporarily switching to the more stable 4G network and then check if this resolves the issue of calls not working on the Xiaomi EU ROM.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your device. Subsequently, search for “Preferred Network Type.”
  • This step is crucial if you are experiencing issues with calls on your Xiaomi EU ROM.

Switch to 4G/LTE

  • Select LTE Only from the list.
  • Make sure calls are working now.

3. Flash Different Region Firmware

Flashing firmware from different regions has proven successful for many users, particularly those using Poco F5. Ensure that you flash the same modem version currently installed on your device. Here’s a guide on how to perform this process:

  • Install firmware from another region on your device first.

Mi EU ROM: Calls Not Working

  • Check that it matches the ROM version currently installed.
  • Once the firmware is extracted, you will get the modem.img or NON-HLOS.bin file.

NON-HLOS.bin file.

  • Put this modem/NON-HLOS.bin in your PC’s platform-tools folder.
  • Boot your device into fastboot mode and type the following command:
fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
fastboot flash modem modem.img
  • If it gives any errors, flash them to both slots using the following command:
fastboot flash modem_ab NON-HLOS.bin
fastboot flash modem_ab modem.img
  • After rebooting to Xiaomi EU ROM, check if calls are working:
fastboot reboot

fastboot reboot

4. Reset Network Settings

If you encounter issues, it could be due to corrupted network settings. Consider resetting the network settings to their factory default state.

Here’s the process—please be aware that this action will erase saved WiFi networks and carrier data settings. However, the latter should be repopulated upon the next reboot, and the former can be synced with your Google account.

  1. Go to Settings and search for “Reset.”
  2. Choose “Reset Network” from the list.
  3. Follow the on-screen steps to carry out the reset.
  4. After completion, restart your device and assess the outcome.

5. Reflash via Format Data

If none of the aforementioned steps proved effective, your final action should be reflashing the EU ROM and opting for a data reset. Please ensure you take a backup before proceeding with the following steps:

To reflash the Xiaomi EU ROM with a data reset, follow these steps:

  • Download the same or a higher version of the Xiaomi EU ROM.
  • Boot your device into Fastboot ROM and connect it to your PC via USB.
  • Double-click to launch the first_install_with_data_format.bat file.

Reflash via Format Data

Once the flashing is complete, check to see if the issue has been resolved.

These methods should address calling issues on the Xiaomi EU ROM. Please don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions or concerns about the steps provided. We’re here to assist you and will offer a solution soon.

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