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10 applications to sell clothes online on Android

In these times when technology has become our best ally, the options for selling second-hand products are very wide. In fact, this market has experienced a great boom in recent years, also due to the changes in trends that occur in the sale of this type of object. We have a lot of possibilities to sell our things, and in the case of clothes even more. Therefore, sooner or later it will not take long for you to download one of the following applications to put your old clothes on sale and get money extra.

Applications to sell luxury clothes

Vestiaire Collective

vestiaire collective

This application is the most complete to sell luxury or designer items. It has more than 6 million users and there are more than 500,000 products of over 4,000 of the best trademarks fashionable, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Rolex. You can earn large amounts of money for old parts that you no longer use since their prices are usually quite high. You will be able to sell clothes, watches, or jewelry in a couple of minutes. Its interface and use are very simple and you can manage your sales from anywhere and at any time since you will always be in contact with buyers and receive notifications.

The Luxury Closet

luxury closetThe Luxury Closet offers a market for products from the best designers from around the world. In its 10-year history, this application is the number one reference in the Middle East, although it supplies more than 90 different countries on all continents. You can sell items over 300 brands luxury, such as bags, accessories, or household items, among many others. When you put your products on sale and they pick them up at your home, their team of experts will verify their authenticity before they reach their next owner, which guarantees a service of total reliability for both parties.


This e-commerce German, born in 2013, is one of the best options to sell luxury products that we do not use. It arose from a personal experience from his creator when his parents asked him to sell the clothes and accessories he no longer wore. Bags from big brands such as Prada or Chanel are the most in-demand ones. Let me tell you that if you are lucky and have one of these, in less than 5 minutes you will have sold it since it has a very large and high-demand community. On the other hand, sellers have the possibility of donating their earnings to different NGOs.

Sell ​​and trade ready-to-wear clothes


In addition to being able to buy and sell clothes, Vinted you can exchange items with other users. It is one of the best applications for buying and selling items of all kinds. Through a few photos, a detailed description, and the price of the garments that you put up for sale, you will already be in its wide community. It includes a chat to put both parties in contact quickly and easily. Once you have closed a sale, you will receive the money through payment methods as reliable as PayPal or bank transfers, although you can always meet the buyer in person and receive the money on the spot.


This platform is a leader in the sale of second-hand products in our country. In the case of clothing, we can sell items of all kinds and different brands, although here their appearance and condition must be optimal so that you have several buyers. Like the previous one, it includes an easy-to-use chat where they can get in touch with you to get more information about what you sell. It is very common to limit clothing and shoe exchange since the resale of these products is usually very high and people are not willing to pay large amounts on other pages. You can sell your product in person or by taking it to post offices


eBay is probably the world’s largest shopping and selling site for all kinds of items. You can sell new or second-hand clothes of any type and brand, there will always be an interested buyer. You can create your own ads in a few seconds to promote your products, as well as easily get in touch with them. The most advisable thing to do when making exchanges is to do it from the same country, since being such a large and widespread community we can have scam problems.

Nets to get rid of vintage clothes

Of pop

of pop

The photo says it all: more than 18 million users bet on selling their used clothes in Of pop. This application offers a huge market for vintage items of all kinds. It is the home of streetwear or streetwear, and includes the best brands such as Nike, Supreme, Yeezy … You will find more rare and unique than anywhere else, since, in addition to its huge community, it organizes events and meetings so that you can meet and chat with buyers, influencers and even internationally renowned artists to always be up to date


vintageVintage is an application where you can buy and sell vintage items of all kinds, although clothing is its greatest hallmark. If you no longer wear those old shirts you can put them up for sale, since its wide community will guarantee you always have a client for all your products. It offers a very easy-to-use interface and a chat to talk to buyers, with whom you can close your sales in a matter of minutes. The ideal is to meet them in person to make the sale, although you can also do it through the different payment methods offered by the app.


This application has a market with millions of products handcrafted or vintage of great value. You can find clothes of all kinds, from personalized items to totally handmade bags or shoes. The products are usually exclusive and you can sell them both to individuals and stores of specialized clothing, always having a quick response. Its payment method and its chat are among the safest there is, so you will not have privacy or security problems at any time. It is available in 10 different languages ​​and is free.


And we end the list with Shpock. It is a platform that brings together millions of buyers and sellers from across the UK and is one of the most downloaded applications in recent years. You will find new, pre-owned, and used items from all different categories, although vintage clothing is the most successful among users. You will be able to close your sales in an easy, safe, and fun way thanks to its wide community and user-friendly interface. Does not include sales commissions, and their chat will also easily put you in touch with buyers.

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