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How to win the Clash Royale Choice Super Card Challenge?

Clash Royale Choice Super Card Challenge

After a few days in which the Clash Royale players were able to enjoy the SuperCards Event, those of Supercell decided to launch the SuperCards Challenge. With a large number of Season Tokens rewarded, overcoming this challenge is not as easy as it seems.


And this is mainly due to the loss limit. After the last update that Clash Royale received, the gameplay of the new challenges has been modified (at least in its majority). In this particular challenge, you will not be able to lose more than 3 games. If you reach this limit you will no longer have the possibility to continue participating (unless you get free gems and spend them).

So that you don’t miss out on these season tokens, here we are going to leave you some tips that will allow you to win this challenge simply and quicklyyou cannot miss them!

Tips to Win the Clash Royale Choice Super Card Challenge

Clash Royale Choice Super Card Challenge

Before we show you the tips that will give you an advantage over your opponents, from here we advise you to implement these Clash Royale tricks. They will give you the possibility to propose advanced attack and defence strategies.

Try to select the best super cards

In total, there are 6 super cards that are available in the choice challenge. While there are many more SuperCards, Supercell decided to make only these available:

  • magical super archer
  • High Archers.
  • Super Lava Hound.
  • Super Hog Rider.
  • Supermini PEKKA
  • Super ice golem.

Even though all the cards are very powerful, there are only 2 cards that manage to make an impact in any deck that is built within this challenge. The two cards are Super Magical Archer and Supermini PEKKA.

If you select any of those two cards, you will have 70% of the game won. What’s more, if you can pick the Supermini PEKKA in every game, do it! This super card is practically unstoppable.

Build fast cycling decks

The objective of this challenge is to use the super card that has been chosen in order to get the most out of it. This is why you should always build fast cycling deckswhat does that mean? That you will have to choose cards that do not have a high elixir consumption (3 units or less).

When building a fast-cycling deck, you should try to set up the super card as quickly as possible and as many times as you can. I mean, if you can have two Super Cards in the Battle Arena at the same time, all the better!

Don’t waste your Supercarta

Last but not least, you need to understand that your opponent also has a super card in their deck. In other words, you shouldn’t waste your super card, because if you can’t counter your opponent’s super card, you’re in big trouble.

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