TikTok App For Amazon Fire TV With Exclusive Content

TikTok App For Amazon Fire TV

The TikTok launched its first app for TVs, More on the TikTok for Amazon Fire TV. According to Business Insider, the app is an aggregator of TikTok playlists and video compilations, allowing you to watch content directly from the TV.

In addition to short and humorous videos, More on TikTok will gather interviews with creators and other content for up to one minute in length. They will be the most popular creations of the platforms, added to the exclusive content, adapted to the size of a TV; but exclusive for displaying videos.

“We are looking at how to adopt streaming devices like Fire TV reflect on our connection with our users and how we can offer more dynamic experiences,” said Nick Tran, a global marketing leader at TikTok, in a conversation with The Verge.

According to Business Insider, the addition of the new TV app is a “TikTok experiment to determine how its content handles larger screens”. Also, the social network is checking how its users handle devices for viewing only, More on TikTok is not able to produce videos.

It will be available for free on the Amazon Fire TV app store and will have no advertisements at this time. Also, the app will have new content categories – “In the Studio” and “This is TikTok” -, including interviews with TikTok stars and more important figures for the platform.

The app is now available to users of Amazon Fire TV in the United States and can be accessed by the command “Alexa, open More on TikTok” through Alexa. There is still no forecast for launching the application in other territories.

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