Google Releases Final Version of Android 11 Beta With Fixes

Final Version of Android 11 Beta

Google launched its latest update to the final Beta Android 11. Containing performance tweaks, bug fixes, and other minor changes, the final version serves to “help developers achieve the finishing touches” of apps for the new system.

Delivering on its promise, Google hasn’t made any major changes to Android 11 Beta in its latest update. Beta 2 follows the same format and app developers must keep an eye on system changes to make final adjustments before launch. The changes from the last update are restricted to system optimizations and bug fixes.

Still, Google has devoted more attention to the Exposure Notification System, allowing users to use it without having to enable location on their phone – making it an exception since other apps will still need to request for the user’s location.

The complete documentation for the update was made available on the official Google page. In addition to the latest information, Google reiterated all the news contained in Beta 2 to reinforce that the changes were preserved even with the update. To check for updates straight from your Pixel 2, 3, 3a, and 4, just apply to the Beta Program for Pixel. Subsequently, the program will also include Pixel 4a carriers.

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