[5 Fixes] Fire TV Flashing a Yellow Light


This troubleshooting article is intended for you if you own an Amazon Fire TV Stick and the yellow indicator light on your Fire TV Remote blinks rapidly. In this article, you will find a variety of  solutions to solve the flashing yellow light on the Firestick remote .

The Amazon Firestick is a fantastic streaming media player that can be connected to virtually any modern tv set that possesses an HDMI connector. The service enables you to access and watch a huge variety of the most popular media content currently available. Those who have switched from streaming services provided by cable networks to those provided by the internet may also consider using this service. Even while everything is wonderful, there are occasionally problems that arise with it or the devices that are related to it, such as the remote. The fact that the yellow light on the remote keeps blinking continuously is one of the primary problems. In this tutorial, we will look into the cause of the yellow indicator light that begins blinking on the Firestick remote.

There is a light-emitting diode (LED) indication located at the very top of your Amazon Firestick remote. Now, if a particular color flash on the remote, there will either be an activity taking place or a problem occurring with your remote. This will be the case regardless of whether the color is red, green, or orange. The most effective strategy is to first determine the hue of the flashing light and then examine the source of the issue. we are going to explore the reason for the blinking yellow light on the FireStick remote as well as offer some possible solutions to the problem.


Fix a Firestick Remote with a Yellow Flashing Light

You don’t need to worry if the firestick remote has a yellow light on. It is a common problem that can be fixed using some ways that are recommended. Let’s explore the root cause first, then move on to the possible solutions.

Reasons for the Firestick remote’s yellow light to blink

A remote is a sensitive device. Therefore, it is best to handle the remote carefully and make sure it is not damaged in any way. Let’s start by examining the cause of the Amazon Firestick TV remote’s flashing yellow light.

  • Pairing issues with the Firestick remote and issues with the internet connectivity
  • remote control with a weak or low battery
  • Firmware Problems

It is now time to employ the different fixes that we have listed below because you are aware of the causes for the yellow light on your Firestick control to be flashing. To test if it fixes the firestick remote’s yellow blinking light problem, try each one separately.

Reboot your Firestick device.

The yellow light on the firestick remote control could occasionally be flashing due to a few transient problems. All you have to do is unplug the Firestick from the power supply to turn it off, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in.

Check your Firestick remote before you turn on the device. The problem should be resolved if the light stops flashing. However, if the light is still flashing, you should try the additional actions listed below.

Verify Your Internet Connection

It is important to first verify that your internet connection is operating flawlessly because the Firestick depends on internet connections for the majority of its functions to work. The remote control may flash the yellow light, indicating an internet connectivity issue, due to problems like dropped connections, poor network connections, or even server maintenance.

If your network seems to be working fine, the yellow light on your remote is probably due to a problem with your router. You will need to reboot your internet router to resolve this issue. You can use a safety pin to prick the hole labeled “Reset” at the back of your router to reset it.

However, you should be aware that all customized settings will be lost if you reset your router. Along with the password, this also gives the name of your network. You can also ask your ISP to reset and customize your router’s settings.

Update your Firestick’s Firmware


A device’s latest firmware update adds new features and improves the device’s performance while also protecting your device. Although the Firestick is often configured to automatically download updates whenever they become available, there may be instances in which the device has not checked for available updates at any point.

So, the actions you must take to check for updates on your Amazon Firestick device are listed below.

  1. Power up the Firestick and grab the remote.
  2. Ensure that the device is connected to the WiFi network.
  3. Select Settings and then choose My Fire TV or Device or System (depending on the device you have).
  4. Choose About from the list.
  5. Under About, you will see an option that says Check for Updates or Install Updates.
  6. Select it to check for updates if available.
  7. If updates are found install them. The device will begin to install the update and then reboot to the newly installed version of the software.

The remote of the Amazon Fire TV Stick will no longer blink yellow after the update. However, if it continues to, go on to the next strategy.

Soft Reset Your Firestick Remote

You probably already know that the Firestick control requires batteries. So, if you could quickly and easily conduct a soft reset on your remote, you might be able to resolve the problem. Simply slide the back cover out, remove both batteries, and wait for a few minutes. Put the batteries back in and try using the remote again.

If the yellow light is still blinking, it’s possible that fresh batteries are required. Put in some fresh batteries, and then test the remote.

Purchase a Replacement Remote (Alternate Solution)

If none of the following options resolve the problem, you will need to purchase a replacement remote for your Amazon Firestick. You could also use your smartphone to control your Amazon Firestick device. The app is available for download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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The flickering of the yellow light on the Amazon Firestick remote control can be fixed in the following way. We hope these ideas have helped you understand the yellow flashing lights.